Hard Candy TROLLS Limited Edition

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Check out the items in the Limited Edition Hard Candy TROLLS Collection. Have you seen Dreamworks TROLLS movie yet? I cannot wait to see it. I was absolutely in love with the little plastic TROLLS when my kids were younger. After all, who can resist that hair! You know that there will be a lot of TROLLS items on Christmas lists this year, and that’s true whether you are 5, 15, or 35.  This post was updated in 2020. The original post was first created in 2016.

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Limited Edition Hard Candy TROLLS Collection

They’re small, they’re adorable, their bad hair days are still pretty fabulous and they invoke memories for Gen Xers and will make memories for everyone else – they’re TROLLS! While we are all waiting to see this exTROLLdinary movie, listen to the incredible music and watch the fuzzy little friends in action,

Hard Candy has created a specTROLLular, Limited Edition collection of cosmetic and hair products that Poppy would love!

Time to TROLLIFY your hands, lips, and hair with Hard Candy. Whether you’re a kid or just feel like one be sure to catch the Hard Candy TROLLS collection or they will disappear just like bad feelings when you watch them.

Where can you buy Hard Candy x Trolls?

This Limited Edition Hard Candy TROLLS Collection was released originally in 2016 exclusively at Walmart. Today, the best place to find the Hard Candy TROLLS Collection is on sites like Mercari and eBay. 

What’s included in this collection?

This is a fun collection that includes these affordable, limited edition beauty products.

  • Mood Lip Balm $6
  • Eye Palette $8
  • Metallic Mousse $6
  • Prismatic Star Highlighter $8
  • Color Changing Lip Gloss $6
  • Marbelized Lipstick $6
  • Har Chalk Tin $6
  • Glitter Palettes $8
  • Popping Pigments $6

Hard Candy Trolls Collection Limited Edition Makeup & Hair Chalk

The Hard Candy Trolls Collection is such a fun makeup collection and because it’s so affordable, they’d make great stocking stuffers for Christmas.

Younger kids will love the Mood Lip Balm and tweens and teens will enjoy the eye palette and other makeup products. I might even be tempted to play with the hair chalk myself!

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