Carmex Moisture Plus Limited Edition

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Carmex Moisture Plus Limited Edition Lip Balm is a stylish way to keep your lips moisturized and kissably soft. Check out my thoughts.

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I received this Carmex Moisture Plus Limited Edition Lip Balm for review as part of the Carmex Blogger Outreach Program.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned before my slight addiction to lip balm. Lip balm is one of those things that I make sure I never leave home without.   I have tried Carmex lip balm before and love how soft it keeps my lips.   Did you know that there are now Limited Edition designs available?

Carmex Moisture Plus Limited Edition Lip Balm

Carmex Moisture Plus Limited Edition

The Carmex Moisture Plus Limited Edition Lip Balm shows off the trendy side of Carmex.  These lip balms are made for women who want the same moisturizing protection of the classic Carmex with the high shine of a lip gloss.  Each lip balm is packaged in a stylish tube to show off your unique style.

Frequently asked questions

How many varieties are there?

The four new stylish tubes are:

  • Chic – A sophisticated black and white pattern
  • Fab –  An Avante Garde circular purple pattern
  • Adventurous – A wild leopard print
  • Whimsical – A free-spirited multi-color pattern

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What makes Moisture Plus Carmex different?

The Carmex Moisture Plus Limited Edition Lip Balm are designed to look like a high-end lip balm or lip gloss. The tubes have stylish patterns on them. And, they come with their own matching pouch to store them. They are so much more stylish than a plain tube of lip blam.

Finally, you will still get the same ultra-moisturizing lip care that you expect to get from this brand. 

Which style is best for me?

First, to find the perfect Carmex Moisture Plus Limited Edition Lip Balm for you, take the personality quiz to determine which stick best aligns with your personal style. I wasn’t surprised to find out that my style was Chic.   It definitely aligned with my favorite design as well.  Black and white is always a classic look that works. 

*This post was originally created in 2013. So, these stylish designs are no longer available. But, you can find several more. Just scroll down to the end for the list.

Carmex Moisture Plus Limited Edition Lip Balm

What varieties are there?

So, as of today, you can find these varieties on Amazon. And, you may see other Carmex products including a Carmex gift set at your local stores. So, look for them at Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS.

Finally, you can also get the Daily Care Pack with 3 different flavors. So, if you have taken the lip balm addiction quiz before, what were your results?

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  1. Whimsical: You’re a natural beauty with an easy, low-key look. Not too far from the truth. I’m a jeans-and-solid-colored-t-shirt person that wears lip gloss / chap stick as my only make-up.

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