FRAAS Holiday 2013 Scarf

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The holidays are almost here and I have started giving some thought to my holiday wardrobe.  We don’t really get dressed up for the holidays in my family.  We just try to add a little extra touch to our outfit to show off our holiday spirit.  Since I received a FRAAS Holiday 2013 Scarf for a feature on my site, I thought this was the perfect time to show you how this scarf can dress up your outfit.

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FRAAS Holiday 2013 Scarf

 FRAAS Holiday 2013 Scarf

Item number 360528 is the Metallic Zebra style. Its pretty use of metallic yarns (mixed with acrylic and viscose) combines with the always popular animal print, to create a 12×80 inch accessory that works beautifully as both a wrap and scarf for day, evening and holiday events. Three color ways are featured including a black combo, as well as gold and silver. Great for dress up, special occasions or just for fun, it retails for $35.

I received the gold scarf from FRAAS and was thrilled because it is so easy to incorporate into both autumn and winter outfits.  Gold works well as an accent color for brown, rust, and burgundy which are very popular autumn colors.  However, it also works well as an accent for black, hunter green and navy blue which are my go to colors for winter.

Because the FRAAS Holiday 2013 Scarf is on the larger size, it works very well as a traditional scarf or as a wrap on a cool night.  I know many of my favorite little black dresses are off the shoulder or spaghetti straps. While they look stunning, it’s not a very practical look for December in Vermont.  A light wrap such as the FRAAS Holiday 2013 Scarf gives you a bit of added warmth without covering up the dress that you want to show off.

FRAAS Holiday 2013 Scarf
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The FRAAS Holiday 2013 Scarf I received is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a heavier scarf so it really does work well as a wrap for a cool evening. The metallic thread gives it a nice, soft shimmer that is dressy enough for a party without being too dressy to wear with a more casual outfit.

FRAAS scarves can be purchased worldwide at department and specialty stores as well as online retailers.


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  1. That’s a beautiful scarf!! Warmth and style can’t be beat.  It makes me think of the embers in a fire pit with a little feline twist!! 

  2. Very classy look the maroon and gold and browns together. I like these scarfs I have a friend who just went through radiation and chemo. She lost her hair and now wears scarfs daily to help keep neck warm. These look like they would be great for her. Thanks for sharing

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