Jeggings Women Over 40 Can Really Wear

Last Updated on September 9, 2023 by Ellen Christian

Are there jeggings women over 40 can wear? Yes, there really are! I’ll admit that when I first hear the word jeggings, I think of fashions that my daughter would wear before I would. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve come up with a few options that I would definitely wear. 

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Jeggings Women Over 40 Can Really Wear

Jeggings Women Over 40 Can Really Wear

First off, what exactly are jeggings? Jeggings are tight fitting stretch pants made for women that look like denim jeans. Unlike jeans, they are more form fitting and often have more give. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing depending on your body shape.


  • More give means added comfort.
  • No more “mom jean” look


  • More give can mean less support.
  • Can result in too much jiggle.

woman wearing black jeggings

Style Tips for Jeggings

When looking for jeggings, I always look for black jeggings. Black is a very slimming color so I feel that it helps to downplay any areas that I’m sensitive about (like my thighs).

I always choose an oversized top that comes down past my hips which helps disguise the fact that my stomach will never be flat again.

Wearing heels will help to accentuate your legs and make them look longer. The height of the heel is up to you. I tend to look for boots with a modest 1″ heel.

However, there are a number of gorgeous boots with 4″ heels for those that enjoy the look. Don’t worry about how to wear leggings with boots, jeggings are the perfect choice.

Extra Support

If you’re looking for jeggings with extra support, I recommend the Spanx Jean-ish Leggings which have all the support you’d expect from Spanx while still looking fashionable.

Don’t be afraid to wear jeggings as a plus sized woman. This brand has very cute styles available in up to 3X.

Just because you’re over 40 (or over 50), don’t be afraid to grab your favorite pair of jeggings and try a new look.

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10 thoughts on “Jeggings Women Over 40 Can Really Wear”

  1. I have just started wearing leggings – but only around the house. I have to admit that I feel nekkid in them. I guess I am just of a different generation. I’m happy with them as a stocking replacement with a skirt. I doubt I’ll ever find myself in jeggings. I also think the world at large will be happy with that decision

  2. I don’t mind wearing them. I usually wear an oversized top-so you can’t see some of the “dimples” in certain places! LOL. Their so comfortable and really in right now!

  3. I have a couple pair of leggings. Honestly and truly and dont wear them out of the house. Even with a long top I cant make myself do it. I dont wear heels so cant do ‘that look’ either.

  4. I had never heard of jeggings before your article. I like the look of the black jeggings, and will have to check them out when I next go shopping. They look really comfortable & paired with an overlong shirt sounds great!


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