Fashionable Leg Wear Options to Transition to Spring

Last Updated on February 9, 2024 by Ellen Christian

Spring is starting to arrive here in Vermont, and I’ve been looking for a few fashionable leg wear options that will help me go from winter to spring.

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Fashionable Leg Wear Options to Transition to Spring

Fashionable Leg Wear Options

Now that I work outside of the home, I can’t just hang out in my jeans and a sweatshirt all day. I want to look professional but I want to stay warm at the same time.

When it comes to leaving the home in cooler weather, you can opt for pants, leggings, jeggings, or tights to stay warm. I tend to layer so that if I start of cool in the morning and end up warm in the afternoon, I can adjust. 

I wear a cami, a shirt, and a sweater.  When I have a skirt, I make sure I wear warm tights or leggings under it and sometimes warm socks as well under my boots.

Fashionable Leg Wear Options to Transition to Spring

Do you have to wear pantyhose with a dress?

When I was growing up, pantyhose were a must if you wore a dress. Unless you were a child, you just didn’t go out with bare legs and a dress.

Now, pantyhose are seen as dated and very few people wear them. That said, I dislike being cold. So, if it’s spring I will wear leggings or tights or I will wear pants.

You can always opt for black nylons instead.

Can you wear leggings with a dress?

You certainly can wear leggings with a dress depending on the style of dress. There are many different styles of dresses that look awesome with leggings from the chunky cable knit dress to the denim maxi dress. Just experiment until you find a style that you feel comfortable in.

Fashionable leg wear options – tights

If you’re looking for a more traditional leg wear option to wear under a dress, consider a pair of tights. You can wear wool tights on a colder day or patterned tights as the temperatures warm up.

Fashionable Leg Wear Options to Transition to Spring

Best leggings for over 60 or 50 or 40

Really, the best leggings for over 60 or any other age will depend on your body type. If you’ve lost a bit of firmness or have accumulated belly fat, you’ll probably want to opt for leggings with a built-in tummy control panel. These will help shape your body so you can feel more confident.

Want more fashion tips? Check out how to wear a long sleeve swing dress. And, learn how to accessorize for spring.

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