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The Hot Tools Insta-Curl EZ Styler is just what you need! Have you started to think about holiday hairstyles yet? I’ve already booked my appointment for a cut and color. The holidays are a perfect time to glam up your hairstyle a bit. 

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Hot Tools Insta-Curl EZ Styler

Hot Tools Insta-Curl EZ Styler

The Hot Tools Insta-Curl EZ Styler makes curls in seconds! Just imagine how much time that will save in getting ready for your nest party.

The unique split barrel makes quick, easy curls that last. It has a 2-Hour auto shut-off which is a huge plus for those of us that are forgetful.

And, the LED indicator lights are for high, medium, and low heat with settings up to 430°F.

Hot Tools Insta-Curl EZ Styler

I love that it has a temperature switch for high, medium, and low heat settings BUT, it also comes with cool tips for easy handling.

And, it has a rubber safety stand to protect your counter surface. These are great features especially if you’re getting one of these for your teen or tween.

Hot Tools Insta-Curl EZ Styler

Check out the 1″ Hot Tools Insta-Curl EZ Styler for more information.

Just imagine how gorgeous your holiday hairstyle will be with one of these! I’ve included just a few of my favorite curly holiday hair ideas that I think I could do with the Insta-Curl EZ Styler.

So, what do you think about the Hot Tools Insta-Curl EZ Styler? Wouldn’t it be a huge help with holiday hair styles this year?

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  1. I learned I can buy at the ULTA (9.8 MI )
    7671 North Point Parkway,
    Alpharetta, Georgia ,
    United States, 30022

  2. I learned that Hot Tools® Professional, the Black Gold™ product line is the perfect combination of remarkable performance and striking elegance.

  3. I learned about the Hot Tools 1¼” CURLBAR™ – 24k Gold INNOVATIVE ERGONOMIC DESIGN and that is
    Easier Curling with Less Strain

  4. I learned that they have an awesome Curler Bar Set that I would LOVE to have. It has 4 interchangeable barrels in sizes 3/4″ to 1 1/2″

  5. I learned they have a Hot Tools University feature about all their tools. I watched the 3 minute demo on the Insta-Curl EZ Styler and was glad to see the model had fine hair to start with like me and that the tool did a great job. This is just the thing I need to get out of my little braid rut I’ve been wearing for years!

  6. I learned that Hot Tools 3/4″ Curling Iron was featured in “Kendall Jenner’s New Dreamy” Do: Jen Atkins Tells Us How to Get It in US Magazine.

  7. Hot Tools sells a variety of hair tools. The professional curl bar sound awesome. I love this EZ styler the most though as the split barrel would definitely help me control my slippery, long hair and actually get those pretty curls I am always aiming for.

  8. I learned that Hot Tools are built by professionals, for professionals, and they like to create products that use cutting-edge technology and are new and innovative.

  9. I learned that the ionic dryers use DIRECT ION TECHNOLOGY, which injects a high volume of ions directly into the airstream, and breaks apart water molecules for faster drying.

  10. I learned that they have their product registration right on their website to make it easy for you to register your products!

  11. The CurlBar is made to help avoid elbow, shoulder and wrist pain. That is great for my stylist friends.  

  12. I learned their cords are 8 ft. long or 9 ft. long. That means I will have room to plug it in and stand up to style. I won’t be cramped.

  13. I learned that this tool has been featured in multiple magazines! They must be doing something right!

  14. I learned that Hot Tools are built by professionals, for professionals that are inspired by developing innovative hair styling tools featuring breakthrough ergonomic designs and cutting-edge technology to help hair stylists achieve beautiful, long-lasting hair styles.

  15. I did not know they had how to videos on the website. I also didn’t know they made as many different products as they do

  16. I watched the video on this curler, I live they include videos, and she showed how to slide the hair in the curler and as you turn it the hair disappears to the ends inside. She didn’t leave it long at all in the hair and it curled very well. This would be neat and quick and have great curls. I really like, as you stated, that it has an automatic shut off after two hours and three hear settings. 

  17. I learned that it looks that all of their products are highly rated and that the 24K gold surface with Pulse Technology helps it to stay hot!

  18. I like the 1″ Flat Iron. I learned that it is smoother and harder than a regular ceramic iron and that the Nano Ceramic® Technology and leaves hair smooth and shiny.

  19. I learned that these tools, developed with professionals in mind, get hot, stay hot, and are stylist preferred. There are also many different collections.

  20. I didn’t know the Curlbar Curling Iron was designed to be less stressful on your hands and wrist…I could definitely use that!

  21. I learned that the 24K gold curling irons stay hot. They alsco create long lasting curls, in a variety of irons to choose from!

  22. Hot Tools seems to have every styling tool you need or want. I like the split barrel on this tool and the auto shut-off. This would be wonderful for styling my hair. Thanks

  23. I learned that there are many varieties of products available. I really like the auto shutoff after 2 hours of being on. I sometimes forget to turn my off.

  24. I’ve learned all sorts of stuff about them including the fact that they have awesome reviews on everything and the curl bar is really cool product, so different and ergonomic compared to the normal curling iron.  Although I’ve been blessed with naturally wavy hair, my step daughter was not and she would absolutely love this instacurl ez styler is something she would absolutely love to have!!!!  This looks so much better than thr normal curling iron she uses and she would be so thrilled so thank you for the chance to win!!!!  

  25. I learned the cords are 8-9 feet long! Perfect for my little bathroom that doesn’t have a plug and I have to use the one in the hallway!

  26. I learned that the 1″ NANO CERAMIC® SALON FLAT IRON WITH EXTRA-LONG PLATES helps to protect hair and minimize damage

  27. I’ve never seen a curl bar before, that’s pretty cool! You can even get an option with 4 different bars.

  28. I learned that the website has some pretty cool videos you can watch if you want inspiration and that you also use the site to find the nearest location to buy the products.

  29. I learned that STYLIST PREFERRED 24K GOLD CURLING IRONS 24K Gold Surface with Pulse Technology® – Gets Hot…Stays Hot® Create beautiful long

  30. I learned that there are many varieties are products available. I really like the auto shutoff after 2 hours of being on.

  31. I had no idea they were so affordable and that they were made with 24 karat gold surface tech? I know that phones have gold in them but didnt know that they used it in curling irons to?

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