Stylish Workout Clothing for Women

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Workout wear is used for much more than working out which is why having stylish workout clothing is important. Check out my top picks.

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Stylish Workout Clothing

Let’s face it, I have run to the store or stopped at the coffee shop wearing workout clothes before. I’m sure that is probably true for many women. I don’t want to get caught out wearing baggy sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt. I like to look presentable when I’m out. You never know who you might run into. 

Etonic is a sporting goods brand that was founded in 1876. In the beginning, Etonic was known for their golf apparel. But, has since expanded to include workout wear for men and women as well as athletic footwear. I was originally drawn to Etonic because not only do they offer high-quality activewear, they also offer stylish workout clothing that fits into your busy lifestyle.

Stylish Workout Clothing for Women from Etonic

Workout Pants

There are two important things I look for when choosing workout pants. The pants, whether they are yoga pants or leggings, need to fit well and they need to offer support. As a woman who has left 50 behind, support is a must-have for any pair of pants I leave the house in.

I love the support and the style of the Victory Tights I received from Etonic. The 4-way stretch tights provide great support and the black print design is truly stylish.

Stylish Workout Clothing for Women from Etonic

Activewear Shirts

When choosing a shirt to workout in, you may be tempted to just toss on an oversized t-shirt. I encourage you to look for something different.  The double-knit pullover cowl from Etonic offers added warmth, laminated zippers, and reflective detailing.  I also appreciate the added length in the back.

I love that the stylish workout clothing from Etonic can be used for your workout at the gym, a hike through the woods, a quick errand, or coffee out with friends. This is definitely one of the best workout clothes brands I’ve had the opportunity to try.

There are so many cute workout outfits ideas on their site that I cannot wait to try more. I need to add a few more pairs of Women’s Athletic Leggings to my wardrobe.

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