How to Cut Perfect Bangs Every Time

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Have you ever struggled to cut perfect bangs? I go to the salon to have my hair done about every six to eight weeks. I have my hair highlighted to cover the grey hair, and I get a cut and eyebrow wax. It’s a little luxury that makes me feel good.

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How to cut perfect bangs every time

How to Cut Perfect Bangs Every Time

The first sign I notice that tells me I need a haircut is that my bangs start to hang in my eyes. My hair doesn’t look like it needs a cut quite yet, but my bangs annoy me. 

I don’t want to get my hair cut before it needs it, so I trim my bangs to get a few more days out of each cut. Unfortunately, my bangs always end up looking slightly lopsided and uneven when I do them myself.

I’ve found a handy tool that makes it possible to cut perfect bangs every time.

What is the best way to cut bangs?

Using a fringe bang comb makes the entire process much simpler. Simply line the comb up where you want your bangs to end and carefully snip across.

The clear shield catches the hair so it doesn’t end up in your eyes. It’s great to use in-between salon appointments to refresh your hairstyle.

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How do you cut bangs by twisting them?

If you don’t currently have bangs and want to, simply rather the hair to the center of your forehead and twist slightly. Then, using sharp shears, cut straight across. It really does work.

How to cut your own bangs step by step

If you want to cut perfect bangs follow these steps.

  • Begin with clean, dry hair
  • Remove the snarls and comb your bangs straight.
  • Line the fringe comb up with your forehead. It’s curved so it fits perfectly.
  • Using hair shears, cut carefully across the front of the comb cutting your bangs.

The unique design of the fringe comb will give you wispy bangs. So, if you’re wondering how to cut wispy bangs, this is the solution.

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14 thoughts on “How to Cut Perfect Bangs Every Time”

  1. This is great. My daughter’s hair grows so quickly, that it’s so expensive getting her hair cut as often as she needs, especially her bangs. I need to get these scissors, so I can do her bangs at home.

  2. I love getting my hair done at the salon. When I do get bangs it does make it difficult to maintain, because it always gets in my eyes when it gets too long. These scissors would totally help me in maintaining my bangs. I need to invest in a pair of these scissors.

  3. We like to cut our own families hair to save money, but let’s face it: My wife needs as much help because cutting your own hair is really difficult. A little tool like this might make all the difference!

  4. This is the second hair cutting accessory that I thought was genius and really want to try. I’ve always cut my own hair but since I wear it up, in braids or pony tails, I don’t worry too much if it’s straightly cut or not, lol.


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