Money Saving Beauty Tips

Last Updated on May 31, 2023 by Ellen Christian

As much as I’d love to have an unlimited budget for cosmetics and beauty products, I need to be aware of money-saving beauty tips to keep my spending under control.   

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Money-saving beauty tips

Money-Saving Beauty Tips

Using a few simple tips and tricks lets me make the most of the money that I do have to spend. I’m also trying to be intentional about what I buy to eliminate shopping just for fun.

I don’t want to buy a new product when I have one that will do the same thing. 

I’ve been taking a look at what I have in my makeup box. I’ve realized that I have quite a bit of makeup, but I don’t use most of it.

Some I bought because I liked the packaging. Some I bought because I thought I’d use it. Some I was given and was going to use it “someday.”

Here are a few things that you can do if you’re trying to save money on your beauty budget.

How can I spend less for beauty?

Before you rush off to purchase a new eye shadow or another bottle of foundation, use up what you have.  Is your pink eyeshadow too pink?

How about mixing it with silver or white to tone it down? Check your makeup box and make sure you don’t already have something that will work.

makeup pots and brushes

How can I save on makeup?

Choose a less expensive brand over the one you’re currently using. Some less pricey brands are just as good as their more expensive alternatives.

Try one more affordable option and see if it works just as well as your existing brand.

Beauty value sets

Buy in bulk when possible.  While this probably won’t work for eye shadow or mascara, you can save money this way with body lotion and bubble bath.

Only buy what you’ll definitely use in a reasonable amount of time.

woman shopping for beauty deals

Budget beauty buys

Shop with coupons when you do purchase new products.  I always try to match coupons and sales when buying new makeup and beauty products.

Even better, use a rewards card with your purchase to rack up points and money-saving offers. This reward program is my favorite.

Beauty hacks

Use less of the product and don’t leave any behind.  Some bottles and containers can make it difficult to get out the last bit when they’re almost empty.  

I hate buying a good quality cream or foundation and then not being able to get every bit out of the bottle. This tool is my favorite hack.

Now that I’ve shared a few of my money-saving beauty tips, I hope you’ll be able to find the products you love in a way that fits into your budget.

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8 thoughts on “Money Saving Beauty Tips”

  1. I don’t usually buy cosmetic items in bulk, but do have some extra quality brush sets I purchased that either I can use or give as gifts. They don’t expire of course and look nice in their little case for gift giving. Shipping is sometimes the same whether you get one or three, so that helps save money too.

  2. I love that roll up make up holder!! I don’t use a ton of make and with a small bathroom that would be great for storing my stuff, especially with how much I travel as well! Great tips!

  3. I’ve always been pretty frugal with my skin care and make up. I don’t use much make up, mostly eye liner and mascara and use it sparingly. And for my skin I prefer plain and simple almond oil or coconut oil. Both leave my skin wonderfully moisturized and I never have to worry about hidden ingredients 🙂 There are also super easy on my wallet!!


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