How to Wear Leggings with Boots

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Wondering how to wear leggings with boots? Check out these tips on how to wear tights or leggings with boots for a few tips.

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a woman wearing leggings or tights and black boots


How to Wear Leggings and Tights with Boots

Winter in Vermont is long and cold.  Wearing strappy sandals and cute high heels just isn’t all that practical when you are trying to navigate a snowbank, mud puddle, or patch of ice.

Since I spend most of the winter wearing boots, I needed to figure out how to wear tights with boots to stay warm. Whether you are wearing your tights under your pants for warmth or showing them off with a cute dress or skirt, you can still be both fashionable and warm. 

I love the way brown and blue go together. They are two classic colors that take me through the colder months. No nonsense has Super Opaque tights that offer complete coverage with a control top.

I don’t know about you but a control top is a must-have for me. No nonsense control top has a stay-in-place waistband that fits at your natural waist. There is a gorgeous selection of colors no matter what your fashion preferences are.

If you are a bit more daring than I am, you may want to try the shorts with tights look and pair those Super Opaque Tights with a fun pair of boots and some cute denim shorts.

You can purchase four pairs of Super Opaque Tights in Black, Espresso, Graphite Heather, and Blue Shock in a gift box for Christmas. These are their four most popular colors and are available in sizes small to extra large. You can also purchase the tights separately. No nonsense tights can be found at most drug stores, mass retailers, and department stores.

Have you ever worn leggings and tights with boots?


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  1. I love the Great Shapes® Opaque Shaping Footless Tights, which are made in the USA.  I didn’t realize they had products made in the USA.

  2. I have always loved No nonsence! When I worked my 9 to 5 job I would buy the shaping pantyhoses. Now that’s a darn good price for the 4 pack which I like a lot, but I love the animal print tights or leggings.

  3. I learned that No nonsense was introduced by the Kayser-Roth Corporation in 1973!! WOW! I had no idea they had been around so long. I love their leggings.

  4. I learned that No nonsense is owned by one of the most successful legwear and intimate apparel manufacturers in America, the Kayser-Roth Corporation.

  5. I amazingly learned that they have something called aromatherapy liners?! I mean really, never knew that you could have lavender scented liners for your feet. My kids NEED these!


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