How to Transition Your Wardrobe to Spring

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Do you know how to transition your wardrobe to spring? Have you started considering when to pack away your winter clothes and accessories and bring out your warm weather favorites? 

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How to Transition Your Wardrobe to Spring

How to Transition Your Wardrobe to Spring

It’s not like we wake up one morning and box up all of our sweaters and winter boots and bring out the capris and tank tops. There is a time in between where it’s warmer, but not quite warm enough.

During that time, you can transition your wardrobe to spring with a few of these tips. That will allow you to keep your favorites on hand without trying to juggle heavy wool sweaters and cami’s at the same time in your closet. 

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On the days when it’s cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon, having a few lightweight cardigans on hand will help you transition your wardrobe to spring.

You can wear the cardigan in the morning over a short sleeve shirt and then take it off and wear it over your shoulders as it warms up.

You want to be prepared for both times especially if you’ll be away from home all day.

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Start gradually

Pack away your very heaviest clothes when the weather starts to warm up. You may not need to keep your snow boots or your heavy wool winter coat as long as you need to keep your sweaters.

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Launder as you pack

Before you pack away your winter clothes, do a spot check to see if there are loose buttons, frayed hems or stains that need to be dealt with. You will appreciate the time you took when the temperatures drop again.

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Spring shoe options

After you pack away your winter boots, you won’t be taking the sandals out the next day. Find a few favorite spring shoe options to wear. A cute pair of canvas flats works well for me.

Add a scarf

Adding a large scarf to your outfit can give you added warmth and style. Just roll it and wrap around your neck or unroll and wear over your shoulders when you feel cool.

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Brighter accessories

In the winter, I tend to go for black, gray, navy and brown accessories. As the weather warms up, I start bringing out spring colors like pink, turquoise, yellow, and cream.

How to transition your wardrobe to spring

Be realistic

When adding new pieces to your wardrobe, be certain you’ll wear them. It can be too tempting just to grab every sale item we find.

All that does is create clutter in the closet and make it harder to find what we really enjoy wearing.

How do you transition your wardrobe to spring?

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  1. I love black, grey, navy, brown and neutral colors ALL the time so need to work on that. I did buy a yellow tee shirt among the duller colors that I also bought, lol. It’s just easier since the neutrals go with most anything.


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