How to Refill Your Beauty Products for Earth Day

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Have you ever purchased a beauty item that let you refill your beauty products rather than throwing out the empties? We recycle as much as we can, but even recycling causes waste and uses energy. Instead of throwing your empty bottle away or taking it to the recycling center to be recycled, wouldn’t it be great if we could refill it again? Every step that we can adopt to keep garbage from the landfill is a step that we should be taking. Over time, with many people making better decisions, it can have a positive impact. The product has been provided, and this post contains affiliate links.

How to Refill Your Beauty Products for Earth Day

How to Refill Your Beauty Products for Earth Day

I enjoy pampering myself and taking care of my skin by using a variety of moisturizing bath products. Not only does this step help me relax and unwind at the end of a long, stressful day, but it helps me take care of my skin and slow the aging process.

I recently learned that L’OCCITANE allows you to refill your beauty products when you purchase select items by buying the refill pouch and reusing the original container. L’OCCITANE offers refill pouches for some best-selling product formulas — soaps, face wash, shampoo, etc. It’s an easy way to refill your bottle or jar while using less material — over 83% less in packaging weight!

How to Refill Your Beauty Products for Earth Day

This option not only allows you to keep that bottle out of the landfill, but it saves on transportation costs (and resources) used to ship the products to the store and distribution outlets. I was excited to see several of my favorite L’OCCITANE products have refill pouches including the Almond Shower Oil, Precious Cleansing Foam, and Lavender Foaming Bath.

Earth Day is an event that is celebrated every year on April 22. Events worldwide are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970, and is honored globally by the Earth Day Network, and celebrated in more than 193 countries each year.

Learn more about L’OCCITANE Cares and their commitment to sustainable practices.

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  1. Interesting – I never thought of refilling bottles like that. Good idea!

  2. American packaging is beyond frustrating. I feel it got even more excessive after the Tylenol episode.  We use way way tooo much so the ability to refill makes more sense than ever. I buy the biggest refill size I can so that less goes into recycling. 

  3. I always have the bottles that you throw away. I would love to refill at home. That would be great!

  4. rochelle haynes says

    This is a nice idea going to try this