4 Neutral and White Fashion Trends You Need to Try

Last Updated on February 5, 2020 by Ellen Christian

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The neutral and white fashion trends I’ve been seeing this year are just gorgeous. I’m already looking forward to incorporating a few of them into my wardrobe this year.I wasn’t all that thrilled with the fashion trends last year. This year, I’m seeing a lot more neutral and white styles in the stores, and I love the versatility! 

Summer New Arrivals

4 Neutral and White Fashion Trends

One of the reasons that I love the neutral and white fashion trend this year is because it’s so much easier to create a minimalist or capsule wardrobe. Matching florals, prints, and pastels to create different outfits that really look different can be a challenge. When your pieces are neutral and white, they go with just about anything.

Try a halter top

Depending on your age and how comfortable you are baring a little bit of skin, you may or may not want to try this one. A white halter top is a great way to show off your summer tan. If you’re not all that comfortable baring your stomach, choose a halter top that skims the top of your pants but leaves your arms bare. Add a wrap bracelet to your outfit for a fun, casual style. Remember a scarf in case the weather is cool.

Slip dresses

One of the trends I’m most in love with this year is the slip dress. A slip dress is a casual dress that looks like a slip. It can be dressed up easily by adding jewelry, a belt, or a jacket. Or, it can be worn alone with a pair of sandals for a relaxed look.

Summer New Arrivals

Add some fringe

Fringe may seem a bit like the 1970s to some, but it’s making a comeback this year. You may not feel comfortable dressing in head to toe fringe, but you can easily add a fringe necklace or even a fringe bag to your wardrobe without feeling like you’ve gone back in time.

Lace is in this year

Lace is definitely in this year whether that’s as a lace cuff bracelet or a lace tunic. It pairs well with denim and khaki and is easy to dress up or down depending on how you accessorize. You can find lace in white and a variety of different neutral colors.

What do you think of the neutral and white fashion trend this year? Here are some tips for choosing a handbag.

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  1. I bought this red halter top a while back that I love, but that I always forget is in my closet :). Thanks for the fashion tips.

  2. I love white tops and have many. I’ll have to try the fringe though. That’s something I don’t currently have in my wardrobe.

  3. I love what a halter does for me shoulder wise but now that boobs are around my knees….well. I love the shirt with the Greek key design – so cool and refreshing.

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