Natural Looking Makeup Tips You Need to Try

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Are you searching for natural looking makeup tips that will let you disguise imperfections without leaving you heavily made up? Keep reading.

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Natural Looking Makeup Tips You Need to Try


Natural Looking Makeup Tips

I love makeup and wear it just about every day.  I’m not a big fan of the heavily made up look.  Unless I’m heading somewhere special that night or I’m doing a makeup post for the blog,

I prefer my makeup to look as natural as possible.   I want the cosmetic products that I use to hide my imperfections without making it look like I’m wearing a lot of makeup.

It takes a little bit of practice to achieve the look, but it’s possible. 

How to make it look like you’re not wearing makeup

Following these natural looking makeup tips will give you a flawless appearance that looks like you aren’t wearing any makeup at all. When someone looks at me, I want them to see me, not see the makeup I’m wearing.  

This makeup look can be worn just as easily at the office as it can at home or out with friends.

a woman washing her face

Wash and exfoliate

Begin by washing and gently exfoliating your face. Washing your face will remove any dirt, oils and leftover makeup from your skin.

Gently exfoliating your face will remove any dead skin cells. This step encourages new skin cell growth and leaves your skin with a fresh, healthy glow.

Gentle exfoliation is a vital step for anyone who is trying to fight off the signs of aging. If you have very sensitive skin, use an exfoliating product with tiny grains.

a woman with red hair and green eyes

Wear primer

Smooth on a thin layer of either a primer or a tinted lotion. I prefer a sheer primer or moisturizer because I don’t need to match it exactly to my skin shade.

Choosing a primer or tinted moisturizer that contains an SPF helps ensure my face is protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Sunburn is one of the most common causes of wrinkles as you age.

If you have very oily skin, choose the primer instead of the lotion. If you have dry skin, choose the tinted lotion instead of the primer.

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Add concealer

Conceal any flaws like dark under eye circles, acne or scars. For natural looking results, apply lightly and build coverage if you need it.

It’s important not to use too much concealer, or you’ll end up with a heavy, cakey look at the end. Dab the concealer on with your fingertip rather than by using the wand for a more natural appearance.

Check out my Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder review. See what I think about this Laura Mercier highlighter and how it worked for me.

Face powder

If your skin is oily or the weather is hot, you’ll want to follow with a matte powder to keep down the shine. Apply the face powder using a brush and a gentle, circular motion for good coverage.

If you have dry skin and don’t get shiny, you can choose to skip this step. I find that applying a matte powder also helps to make my large pores less noticeable. I find that a Kabuki brush works best for this step.

Best Mineral Based Makeup and Usage Tips

Cool tones

For a natural look, avoid blushes with cool tones. Instead, choose a warm peach or pink tint which will look more natural when applied. Your skin will have a soft, just-blushed look rather than a made up look. Use a powder rather than a stick or cream blush.

Smudge it

Use a light hand with mascara and eyeliner and finish your eyes with a soft, brown eyeshadow that is slightly darker than your skin tone. Make sure you smudge the edges to avoid solid lines.

lipsticks in front of a makeup mirror

Lip color

Pick a lip color that matches your lips and instead of applying it straight from the tube, dab it on with your fingertip for a more natural look.

Makeup should always be applied in natural light during the daytime so you can see what the results will look like to others. Applying your makeup using artificial lights won’t give you an accurate idea of what the final results are.

Now that you’ve read about these natural looking makeup tips, you may want to learn more about how to do an easy ombre lip. And, learn more about the best mineral based makeup.

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