How to do an Easy Ombre Lip

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I’m not one to jump on the latest beauty craze, but when my daughter showed me how to do an easy ombre lip, I was impressed. If you’re not familiar with the term, an ombre lip is when you use two different lip colors but apply them so that they blend or fade into each other. It’s a fun beauty technique that you can make more or less dramatic depending on what colors you choose. I asked my daughter to show me how she did this technique so that I could share it with you. The product was provided for review, and this post contains affiliate links.

How to do an easy ombre lip

How to do an Easy Ombre Lip

For this technique, she used the Hard Candy Fierce Effects Lipstick. Fierce Effects is a highly pigmented lip color with an ultra-soft weightless texture. The formula is infused with Argan oil for added moisture and shine.

  • Apply the darker color around the outer portion of your lips. In this case, I used the Slylac around the outside.
  • Apply the lighter color around the inner portion of your lips. I used the Heart Breaker.
  • Very gently, roll your lips together to merge the colors. Do not press hard or blot your lips.

I like the way the technique came out, but I am not sure that these two shades would be my ideal colors given my light complexion. Next time, I’d love to try it with Newly Berried and Galactica which are slightly darker shades.

How to do an easy ombre lip

Fierce Effects is available in 18 shades including Chalkin Pink, Provocative, Show Off, Galactica, Newly Berried, Prowler, Glisten to Me, Thunder, Black Diamond, Slylac, Heart Breaker, Sky’s the Limit, Nudist, Seduced, Sunshine, Night Queen, Jealousy and Virtual Reality. For this demonstration, she used Slylac (#1059) and Heart Breaker (#1060). The Hard Candy collection is available exclusively at Walmart. These lipsticks have a suggested retail price of $5.

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