Minimalist Beauty Routine for Women

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A minimalist beauty routine won’t look the same for a twenty-year-old as it will for a forty-year-old. Our skin and hair are different so it only stands to reason that the beauty routine and the products we use will be different.

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Minimalist Beauty Routine for Women Over 40

Minimalist Beauty Routine

Beauty isn’t a one size fits all kind of topic. You need to understand what your skin and hair look for as you age and then be certain you’re taking care of those needs. 

A minimalist beauty routine isn’t for everyone. You may not see the need to reduce the time you spend on your beauty routine. If that’s the case, take this beauty routine and then add to it.

But, if you’re like me, and you’re trying to simplify your routine but still focus on the extra attention your skin needs after 40, keep reading.

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Volumize Your Hair

As I age, I’ve noticed some hair loss. Since I had thin hair to begin with, adding volume to my hair is an important part of my beauty routine.

I don’t want to use a lot of hair products, so I am focusing on using a styling brush so that I can target my roots when I dry my hair.  The Conair Wood Detangling Brush great for smooth, knot-free styling.

Anti Pollution Skincare to Counter Damaging Effects

Minimalist anti aging skincare

I’ve all but given up cosmetics and instead, I am focusing on nourishing my skin. I’m finding as I pay more attention to my skin, I have less need to cover up imperfections.

I look for products that minimize fine lines and wrinkles and improve my sensitive skin’s texture for a more healthy, youthful look. The Anti Aging Travel Set is a collection that is designed to cleanse, treat and moisturize your skin even while traveling.

When you do apply cosmetics, make sure that you use the MakeupDrop to apply it smoothly to your skin.

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Pamper Weekly

Take one day a week and treat yourself to a pampering session. Put your hair up in your favorite Scünci Multi-Color Soft Hosiery Head Wrap and return some moisture to your hair and skin.

Philip B Rejuvenating Oil is for dry to damaged hair and scalp. Just a few drops once or twice a week will really bring the shine back to your hair.

Aging can really do a number on your hair and skin so this is not an area to skimp in. Or, try the Hair Masque for a pampering experience.

What would be part of your minimalist beauty routine?

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  1. Thanks for the encouragement. I really need to take time and pamper myself with some lovely masks I have on hand. They are right here but carving out the time, just not happening. I am shooting for the weekend and hope to give my hair some much needed attention too.


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