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What should you buy for the woman who has everything? That’s a question that I struggle with every holiday season as I search for the perfect gift. My mother is one of those women. She doesn’t wear make up (I know!) and is very particular about her clothes and jewelry. There is no way that I could purchase her clothes or jewelry and hope that it would be something she really wanted and used.

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Luxury Home Fragrance | Exotic Candle Scents

Luxury Home Fragrance | Exotic Candle Scents

Luxury home fragrance products are the perfect gift idea for her. I know she enjoys using candles at home to relax and to set the mood when they entertain.  Selecting exotic candle scents is a way to give her a gift she can use to pamper herself.  The Petit Excursion Candle Quartet from The Sitota Collection is a collection of four luxury home fragrance candles in truly exotic candle scents. The Sitota Collection is inspired by beautiful landscapes from exotic locations in different parts of the world.

The Petit Excursion Candle Quartet contains four candles in their signature scents. Each candle is made of soy which is a renewable resource that burns cleaner and slower than traditional candles. They also hold their scent longer than paraffin candles which means that these exotic candle scents can be enjoyed throughout the life of the candle. Each candle burns 18+ hours.

Luxury Home Fragrance | Exotic Candle Scents

The four signature scents are:

  • Havana – Havana is a masculine masterpiece that blends the scents of leather, amber and musk. Notes of teakwood, pepper and black tea add boldness and this sophisticated blend is infused with cedarwood, patchouli and pimento berry essential oils.
  • Coco Noir – Coco Noir perfectly combines creamy coconut with tantalizing cassis enabling this exotic blend to effortlessly calm and relax your spirit.
  • Blue Nile – Blue Nile embraces earthy rich bamboo with wild grasses, bergamot, red grapefruit and jasmine.  This scent was inspired by the unparalleled natural beauty of Ethiopia.
  • Aigyptos – Aigyptos is infused with essential oils including copaiba, balsam, orange and lavandin. This blend has base notes of amber, sandalwood, musk and vanilla along with jasmine, lavender and orange.

The four exotic candle scents included in this collection can be burned alone or in various combinations. Fragrance blending lets you experience a variety of different scents depending on which combination you choose.  I loved all of the scents included in this collection. My favorite scent to experience alone is the Coco Noir. I love the creamy coconut base and found the overall scent to be very relaxing.  I also enjoyed the combination of Aigyptos and Havana as the two scents combined to create an even  more exotic experience.

If you’re searching for a gift for the woman who has everything, the exotic candle scents from the Petit Excursion Candle Quartet are the perfect gift.

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  1. I learned that the Blue Nile + Coco Noir fragrance is refreshing green scent of bamboo in Blue Nile surrounds the tantalizing coconut and cassis in Coco Noir adding a bit more mystery to this exotic layering.

  2. I learned that I would more than be pleased to own these candles.  The exotic scents are too enticing.  

  3. Their scented candles are produced in small batches

    to maintain superior craftsmanship and to ensure meticulous attention is

    paid to every detail. They sound awesome.

  4. I’ve been happily burning candles for… well a very long time ~ And WOW! I had no idea I was doing so many things wrong!

    Every should read “BURNING TIPS” – it is a must read for any/everyone who enjoys candles. For instance, did you know that candle wax has memory???? And here is something that I actually did know (was taught by a very kindly elderly neighbor:

    “The best way to extinguish your flame is to use a wick dipper . Use the tip to dip the wick into the wax and then pull it  out gently and straighten your wick. This accomplishes 2 things.  It prevents smoking or sooting and it coats your wick with melted wax to help it stay upright.  Coating the wick this way helps the candle re-light easier.”

    My neighbor even gave me a silver wick dipper! Alas, somewhere along the way I lost or misplaced it as well as this sage wisdom! So it was wonderful to relearn and REmember it all over again. Thanks! This candle set is so lovely!

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