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The cold weather is definitely here now and I’ve packed away all of my summer clothes. The leaves are almost all off the trees and there’s frost every morning when I go out. I brought out all of my favorite fall shirts so I’ve been enjoying the plums, navy blues and darker colors now that summer is over. Of course, that means I need to start wearing fall nail polish shades like the Zoya Entice Collection.

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Zoya Entice Collection Fall 2014

Zoya Entice Collection

The Zoya Entice Collection contains six different nail polish shades. They are the perfect shades for fall and include plums, dark reds, greys, browns and navy blues. Like other Zoya nail polish collections, they are free of the bad five ingredients that we don’t want to use.  The shades included in the Zoya Entice Collection are:

Zoya Entice Collection Nyssa

Zoya Nyssa (ZP748) –  A milk chocolate brown in the flawless, full-coverage cream formula

Zoya Entice Collection Claire
Zoya Claire (ZP749) – A warm, rich burgundy with a flawless, full-coverage cream finish

Zoya Entice Collection Veronica
Zoya Veronica (ZP750) –  A full-coverage brilliant red wine

Zoya Entice Collection Margo
Zoya Margo (ZP751) –  A modern red plum in a flawless, full-coverage cream formula

Zoya Entice Collection Ryan
Zoya Ryan (ZP752) – A classic indigo in a flawless cream formula

Zoya Entice Collection Genevieve
Zoya Genevieve (ZP753) – A cool leather grey in the flawless full-coverage cream formula

I love the fall colors in this collection and I love knowing that these are healthier nail polishes.  I love being stylish but I’m aware of how my choices impact our environment.  These new shades from Zoya all have a nice high gloss and wear very well. The cream coverage gives a nice, full coverage with generally one coat although I did notice that the Nyssa and Genevieve really could have used two coats of polish for better coverage.

I would have a hard time choosing a favorite this time.  I think that it’s a tie between the Ryan and the Veronica. Both are gorgeous fall shades that I will definitely be wearing again.

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