Color Your Smile Lip Gloss Swatches

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Looking for a lighted lip gloss? Check out my thoughts on Color Your Smile Lip Gloss and see their available swatches.

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Color Your Smile Lip Gloss Swatches | Lighted Lip Gloss

Color Your Smile Lip Gloss Swatches 

There are just some women that are impossible to shop for. They have exquisite tastes and have everything they want. Coming up with a gift idea for a woman like this is a challenge.

 I have a few of those women on my gift list this year and have been struggling to come up with something they’d enjoy. You want your gift to be used and appreciated but you want something a bit special as well.

A lighted lip gloss is a gift that every woman will appreciate while still being a gift that is unique enough that they don’t already have it. And, after all, who can’t use another lip gloss?

I know I certainly can.  Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Glosses from Gerard Cosmetics come with a handy side mirror and light up cap which makes lip gloss application in dark places easy and convenient.

Color Your Smile Lip Gloss Swatches | Lighted Lip Gloss

Does this lip gloss have color?

Color Your Smile Lip Glosses come in a variety of colors. I am sharing Color Your Smile Lip Gloss swatches for the two I received: Nude and Pouty Princess.

  • Nude: a fan favorite and the perfect neutral color that enhances a dramatic or everyday look.
  • Pouty Princess: a berry-toned gloss with a pink undertone that is the perfect mix of sophistication and sass.

You can find their entire line right here.

swatches for two shades of gloss on the back of a hand

Color Your Smile Lip Glosses have a plumping agent (collagen peptide) that will give you fuller lips gradually as you use them. The glosses do not feather or bleed which is a huge plus in my book.  

Color Your Smile Lip Gloss Swatches | Lighted Lip Gloss

Where is the light?

There is a rectangular mirror on the backside of each lip gloss so you can apply it easily using the light that comes from the cap when you remove it.  

The light turns off when you put the cap back on. Both lip glosses applied smoothly and wore quite well.

Color Your Smile Lip Gloss Swatches | Lighted Lip Gloss

Where can I buy this?

If you’re searching for a gift for a woman who has everything, I recommend a light lip gloss from Gerard Cosmetics.

You can find these products on Amazon or in stores like Walmart and Target.

Buy it today.

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