Learn Mehndi Designs for Your Hands

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Have you wondered how to learn Mehndi designs? I’ve been fascinated by the intricate designs I’ve seen on Indian women’s hands. Check out these Mehendi designs on hands.

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Learn Mehndi Designs for Your Hands and Home

Learn Mehndi Designs

If you’re not familiar with the term, Mehndi is a type of body art from Ancient India that is still popular today. I decided to put together a few resources in case you wanted to get started.

If you’re interested in starting Mehndi, I would encourage you to start small. Most Mehndi designs are very intricate because they are used for celebrations: weddings, sweet sixteens, etc. They are made to make the wearer look and feel beautiful. Of course, there is no reason you cannot simply create it for fun. Traditionally, Mehndi is done on your hands or feet. But, you can also decorate a memory box or a jewelry box if you prefer.

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What You Need to Learn Mehndi Designs

Sketchpad – Before you begin drawing on yourself, you want to be sure you have the design perfect on paper. A sketchpad is handy to have because you can refer to previous designs. Learn how to draw Mehndi designs step by step on paper before you move on.

Archival Pens – Once you have the design created in pencil, you’ll want to perfect it in pen to refer to in the future. My personal preference is the Staedtler pens. They are an amazing quality.

Learn Mehndi Designs for Your Hands and Home

Henna Paste – You can create your own Henna paste from Henna powder, but if you are just starting, you may find it easier to begin with Henna paste. This Henna Paste comes in an applicator cone which is how you will apply it. If you make your own, you’ll need to buy applicator cones.

Design Book – There are many different Mehndi Designs you can create. Designs include tribal designs, braids, flowers, vines, paisley, and knots. But, you can certainly work freestyle if you like. I find the book Mehndi For the Inspired Artist very helpful with a wide variety of patterns, tips, and projects.

Learn Mehndi Designs for Your Hands and Home

Tips to Learn Mehndi Designs

When you’re just starting, as with any craft or makeup technique, it’s best to start with very small designs. For Mehndi, try small flowers, leaves, or vines.

Repeat these patterns until you can do them with a steady hand and fluid strokes. Once you’ve mastered the simple mehndi designs, you can move onto something more intricate like a peacock or complex tribal symbol.

If you’re in a metropolitan area, you may be able to find Mehendi classes for beginners if you prefer to learn in person. Or,  a Mehendi course book might help you with basic techniques. to design Mehendi on hands.

Have you wondered how to learn Mehndi designs? I've been fascinated by the intricate designs I've seen on Indian women's hands. Check out these Mehendi designs on hands.

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6 thoughts on “Learn Mehndi Designs for Your Hands”

  1. This is beautiful and I will keep an eye out for Mehendi classes for beginners around LA. I think it would be popular at some yoga studios I’ve visited. I don’t have any tattoos so this does appeal to me since it’s only temporary. I know very little about it so will have to check out a book. Thanks!

  2. These are lovely. I would love to start learning Mehndi. I think it will take a bit of practice on my part since I don’t have a lot of artistic talent, but I think I could do the small ones.

  3. That’s really cool. I always thought they looked so neat. I actually had one down a few months ago when I went to a Bat Mitzvah. There was a woman there doing them, so I had to get a shark on my hand. It lasted almost a full week even.


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