Hydrotherapy Bath for Relaxation

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Have you heard of a hydrotherapy bath? Our ancestors were drawn to water for survival. It provided food and water we needed every day. Today it helps us clean, play and even relax.  Soaking in a bath full of essential oils or aromatic herbs is about more than getting clean. The healing power of water, herbs and oils helps us relax and eliminate stresses from our lives.

Hydrotherapy bath for relaxation - lavender infusion

Hydrotherapy Bath for Relaxation

Hippocrates recommended that people wash and enjoy a massage regularly in order to stay healthy. The ancient Greeks built huge bath halls and the Romans created baths of marble and gold for the wealthy.  Natural mineral springs have been recommended for many years as a way to relax and remove toxins from your body.

While you may be most familiar with hydrotherapy as a way to help treat arthritis, there are many other reasons that people choose hydrotherapy including a hydrotherapy bath for relaxation. Alternating hot and cold water treatments, herbal and steam baths and hot compresses have all been used to improve stamina and remove toxins in order to strengthen our immune systems. Adding essential oils and fragrant herbs allow us to add in extra healing properties to our routine.

Lavender Infusion Bath

One of the simplest ways to enjoy a hydrotherapy bath for relaxation is to use this lavender infusion bath technique. Simply draw a hot bath and add 5 to 6 drops of lavender essential oil (Lavandula vera). Do NOT use fragrance oil. It is not the same thing. Be certain that you get pure lavender essential oil.

Lavender is known for its relaxing properties and is the perfect way to relieve stress after a long day. It has a gentle, sweet scent that helps calm your mind. In Victorian times, women who were prone to hysteria were often treated with lavender water.

Hydrotherapy bath for relaxation - lavender infusion

Next time you’re feeling a bit stressed, light some candles, fill the tub with hot water and lavender oils and lock the door. Enjoy this hydrotherapy bath for relaxation as often as needed.

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  1. I just used hydrotherapy last night. I was so sore with this pregnancy, I needed something to help relax. I also add in epsom salts in my baths with the essential oils. It is so relaxing. 

  2. I am all for anything that helps me to relax! This sounds amazing I don’t think I have ever tried this before.

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