Bridal Trends Summer 2015

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Planning a wedding is so much fun but it’s also a lot of work and planning. Of course, there are things like location, the cake and the vows to consider but what I enjoyed the most was following the various bridal trends to choose my dress and jewelry.

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Bridal Trends Summer 2015

Bridal Trends Summer 2015

I love seeing the way that wedding dress styles change with each season and each year. Of course, there is something for everyone whether you want casual or formal, indoor or outdoor, traditional or modern. These are a few of my favorite bridal trends for summer 2015.

  • Deep V wedding dress – This style is inspired by the red carpet and is definitely for the sexy bride.  For this trend, go for a giant chandelier earring or a drop earring instead of a necklace. You really want the deep  v neck to stand out.
  • Princess dress – These are the dresses that dreams are made of and include things like corsets, sheer skirts, lace and even pearls. You really want the dress to stand on its own so a beautiful solitaire necklace with a simple stud earring is best.
  • Rosette wedding dress – This dress has beautiful dramatic rosettes but don’t let that prevent you from choosing a dramatic piece of jewelry. Pair this dress with a rose necklace or even a rose engagement ring.
  • The pantsuit – This is very fashion forward and the perfect jewelry for this style would be something with a splash of color. Try adding a few stacked candy colored bracelets to complete your look.

Whichever of these bridal trends is most you, make sure that you find a dress and accessories that really speak to who you are and to your creative style. For more fashion updates, be sure to follow the LOVE THIS series, exclusively from Zales, THE DIAMOND STORE. Begin with this video that shares Bridal Trends Presented by ELLE and Zales, THE DIAMOND STORE.

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Bridal Trends Summer 2015

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  1. I am not a romantic person but I do love looking at wedding trends! My dress was very plain and strapless and timeless… It was so hard to chose though 🙂 I lost my wedding ring years ago so I hope that for an anniversary my husband will go to Zales and get me a new one. 

  2. I love seeing pretty wedding dresses. Not so sure about a pants suit though. When I got married 11 years ago we didn’t have much money, so I actually bought a white prom dress and loved it!

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