Zoya Paradise Sun 2015

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Zoya came out with two new collections during the summer of 2015. The Zoya Island Fun and the Zoya Paradise Sun 2015. I shared with you before about all of the Zoya Island Fun colors and now it’s time to share the Zoya Paradise Sun 2015 collection with you.

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Zoya Paradise Fun 2015 Genesis

Zoya Paradise Sun 2015

If you aren’t familiar with Zoya nail polishes, they are one of my favorite Big 5 Free nail polish brands.  Their nail polishes will never contain any toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin or camphor.

That’s really important to me so I always try to support brands like that.

Zoya Paradise Fun 2015 - Selene

The Zoya Paradise Sun 2015 Collection contains six shades:

  • Genesis (ZP790) – A crystalline white with a micronized metallic pearl finish – designed to look like micro-fine diamond dust!
  • Selene (ZP791) – A true teal with a micronized metallic pearl finish. A unique shade with an aqua fleck that resembles deeper layers of ocean water.

Zoya Paradise Fun 2015 - Oceane

  • Oceane (ZP792) – A true turquoise with a micronized metallic pearl finish that reflects the clearest blue ocean waters!

Zoya Paradise Fun 2015 - Isa

  • Isa (ZP793) – A deep blue-based purple with a micronized metallic pearl finish and an aqua flash that embodies the beauty of exotic island flowers!

Zoya Paradise Fun 2015 - Mae

  • Mae (ZP794) – A warm magenta pink with a micronized metallic pearl finish, reminiscent of vibrant Mediterranean flowers.

Zoya Paradise Fun 2015 - Aphrodite

  • Aphrodite (ZP795) – A vibrant summer red with a micronized pearl metallic finish and multi-hued flash that brings it to life. Think of fresh and juicy tropical fruit!

I just love the shimmer to the nail polish colors in this collection. I got pretty good coverage with each nail polish. It was almost opaque with just one coat of polish. The only exception to this was Genesis (the white polish) which would probably require 2 or 3 coats of polish to get an opaque look. It’s hard to choose a favorite in this collection since they’re all such fun colors but I think that Mae is the color that I would choose the most.

You can purchase the polishes in this collection from a variety of different spas in your location or you can buy them direct from Zoya.

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  1. Such pretty colors. I love Mae – I’ve always been a fan of pinkish nail polishes.  My nails are so short these days. I really don’t wear nail poilish


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