Champneys Spa Products

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What I wouldn’t give to head off for a luxurious weekend at the spa someday. With Champneys Spa Products, I can have a spa day at home.

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 Can you imagine how relaxing that would be? Just leave the hubby, kids, and housework behind and spend the entire day pampering yourself.  Well, I can’t imagine it either so the relaxing spa days to pamper myself are done at home with the door locked while I try to hide from the kids and husband.

What I wouldn't give to head off for a luxurious weekend at the spa someday. With Champneys Spa Products, I can have a spa day at home.

Champneys Spa Products

Pampering yourself at home is a wonderful idea. I want the end result to be a me that is more calm and relaxed and ready to tackle the world or at least make it through one more load of laundry. I’m very much influenced by scents.  I always have scented candles burning and prefer scented bath and body products.

Champneys, Britain’s leading spa professionals, is now offering their expert formulas in the US with a new collection of Bath and Body products. Their Spa Indulgence Collection is inspired by ancient global rituals that are meant to relax the body and the mind.  So, the line includes:

Oriental Opulence – Inspired by traditional oriental beauty rituals and characterized by a blend of silk proteins, warming ginseng, sensuous ylang-ylang, calming sandalwood, and fragrant patchouli

Mediterranean Bliss – Reminiscent of the relaxed Mediterranean and sun-drenched climate of the Spanish hills, this range contains a blend of fig milk, olive leaf, and green tomato.

Exotic Retreat – Marked by a rich blend of ylang-ylang, coconut, and papaya that soothes the mind while nourishing the skin

Are Champneys products vegan?

I was very excited to learn that these products are vegan and cruelty-free. This is great news. I love when brands do this.

I was able to enjoy Champneys Spa Products including the Oriental Opulence Shower Cream, Body Glow, and Body Cream during my pampering session at home.  

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Champneys products review

First, Body Glow is a scrub. You will use this in the shower to exfoliate and bring your skin alive.  The Shower Cream is like a shower gel and is used to lather up and moisturize in the shower.  The final step to the process is the Body Cream. You will massage this into your skin after showering or bathing.  The scent is truly amazing and if you close your eyes, you can almost imagine you are at the spa.

Where can I buy these?

All of these products left my skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and luxurious.  Hearing that they were a spa brand used in Britain, I expected these products to be very expensive and only available at higher-end department stores.  Originally, these were available at stores like Target. But, as of 2022, it appears that you can find them on Boots or direct from the brand’s website.

So, Champneys Spa products are the perfect way to pamper yourself at home! Buy products like the Champneys gift set right here.

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  1. I feel like I could smell the items right now! I love giving myself a little attention and being able to unwind, oriental scents always seem to put me in that mood.


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