25 Easy DIY T Shirt Ideas for Hot Summer Fashions

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Believe it or not, summer will be here and these hot summer fashions are easy enough to make yourself! Most of us have a few t-shirts in our closet that we don’t wear. While you can donate them or recycle them, wouldn’t it be more fun to make something new out of them? This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

25 Easy DIY T Shirt Ideas for Hot Summer Fashions

Easy DIY T Shirt Ideas for Hot Summer Fashions

There are a lot of easy DIY t-shirt ideas depending on what you want to create and your craft skill level. You can use fabric paint to create a pattern or design. You can cut the t-shirt into a tank top or fringe the bottom. You can turn one of your t-shirts into a dress for your daughter. Here are a few easy ideas to get you started.

  1. 5 Minute Pocket Tee Tutorial
  2. Diamond Back T-Shirt DIY
  3. Easy Heart Cut Out
  4. Printed T-Shirt DIY
  5. Galaxy Twist Beach T-Shirt
  6. Skull Cut Out DIY T-Shirt
  7. T-Shirt to Tank Top
  8. Watercolor T-Shirt with Sharpies
  9. DIY Graphic T-Shirt
  10. Add Felt Flower Artwork
  11. T-Shirt Headbands
  12. T-Shirt Revamp with Lace
  13. DIY Distressed T-Shirt
  14. Easy DIY T-Shirt Tote
  15. DIY Workout T-Shirt
  16. Make an Apron
  17. T-Shirt Bracelet
  18. Make a Stud T-Shirt
  19. T-Shirt Bow Sleeves Without Sewing
  20. DIY Kid’s Pocket T-Shirt
  21. T-Shirt into a Baby Romper
  22. T-Shirt into a Peplum Top
  23. Reverse Stencil T-Shirt
  24. Disney Side Polka Dot T-Shirt
  25. Tie Dye Egyptian Collar T-Shirt

What’s your favorite way to upcycle a t-shirt to create your own hot summer fashions? I’ve used fabric paint a few times but would love to try tie-dye again. I haven’t done a tie-dye project since the kids were little. I really love the idea of turning your old t-shirts into a braided rug as well. I can’t knit but I’ve asked my daughter to see if she can make me one for Christmas. I’d love to hear some of your ideas?

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  1. I always pin these when I see them since I want to do something with my old tee shirts beyond making them into a blanket, lol. I have a hard time letting go of faves so upcycling seems the way to go and it’s easy! Thanks for the long list here.

  2. I like the T-Shirt Revamp with Lace tutorial! Super cute!