Affordable Floral Perfume Scents

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I’m always searching for affordable floral perfume scents. I love floral scents and I have a few go to perfumes I use regularly. Every now and then, I want to try a new scent. I hate being too predictable. My husband really notices when I try a new scent or a new body lotion. 

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Affordable Floral Perfume Scents for Summer Time

Affordable Floral Perfume Scents

Because I don’t stick to just one scent, I really don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new bottle of perfume or body mist. I want something with good staying power, that smells great and makes me happy when I use it.

Perfumes just do that for me. Hard Candy has just come out with a signature fragrance and body mist line.

Hard Candy Eau De Parfum is available in two refreshing new scents – Pink and Black – for women inspired by the energy and confidence of the edgy and flirtatious line of cosmetics.

The fresh, fruity and floral scents are perfect for fashion forward women who are looking for an upbeat scent.

Affordable Floral Perfume Scents for Summer Time

These two new affordable floral perfume scents are a mood boosting blend of fresh fruits and elegant musks. They have top notes of fruit, mid notes of floral and lower notes that embody sweet flavors.

The bottle itself is a gorgeous black and pink matte shell.

Pink (fragrance and body mist)

The scent is a fashionable fragrance that evokes freshness and warmth, a romantic, floral musk that leaves an endless trail of beautiful scent. Top notes are California tangerine and pink passion fruit.

Mid notes are fluffy pink peony and sheer jasmine. Lower notes are vanilla sugar and sensual musk.

Affordable Floral Perfume Scents for Summer Time

Black (Fragrance and mist)

A cool sophisticated fragrance of sweet summer scents. Exhilarate your senses with this scent that offers a trail of floral, fruity, and sugared notes. Top notes are lush kiwi and juicy mango.

Mid notes are quince blossom and vanilla absolute. Lower notes are sugared iris and warm amber.

Both of these new fragrances are super affordable. The fragrances retail for $12.97 and the mists for $6.99. The gift set which includes a lipstick is available at select locations.

Look for these at your local Walmart or

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  1. I love the sound of the Hard Candy Pink perfume. It just sounds delicious and I’m drawn more to it than the Black. I like that it’s affordable too! I can’t see investing big bucks in tiny bottles that I wouldn’t be using a lot of.


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