How to Make an Emergency Beauty Kit

Last Updated on December 17, 2023 by Ellen Christian

Having an emergency beauty kit can be all that stands between me and a hot mess. There are just some days you need a little bit of backup just in case.

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How to Make an Emergency Beauty Kit

How to Make an Emergency Beauty Kit

We’ve all been there. You’re just going to run the kids to the bus stop really fast. No need to really do your face and hair. No one is going to see you anyway, right? Wrong! Everyone else seemed to have the same idea today and the bus stop is loaded with people you don’t want to chat with looking the way you do!

It’s always better to be prepared. Never fear, stashing a few items in an emergency beauty kit in your glove box is just the solution. You may NOT need them but just in case you do, they’re there! Here are a few things that I like to keep on hand at all times.

Lip Gloss

Don’t go wild with color on this one. Just a touch of color and a bit of gloss won’t look out of place with a natural or no makeup look. If you prefer, you can substitute your favorite lip balm or lipstick for the lip gloss depending on what you normally wear.

a woman wearing a scarf scrunchie in her hair

Hair Ties

Throw your hair up in a quick ponytail and you’ll be all set for the day. This won’t work for those of us with short hair sadly but is a must have for everyone else. A quick ponytail will eliminate frizz or even bed head in just a second.

Stain Removing Pen

Whether you’re in our favorite pair of jeans or a special dry-clean-only outfit, you don’t want a stain to ruin your clothes. Dryel on-the-go stain removing pen is safe for special clothes. It instantly removes stains and is gentle on dry-clean only, delicates, and hand washables. The SoftTouch applicator removes food, drink, and cosmetics.

How to make an emergency beauty kit

Breath Mints

The last thing you want is morning breath. Enough said. Avoid the artificial sweeteners you find in many breath mints and instead choose one of these healthier options.

Body Spray or Perfume

Just a quick spritz of your favorite scent will work. Keep a small travel size but DON’T let it freeze or get too hot. I find that roll on perfume is very handy to stash in your cosmetic bag. They aren’t as likely to spill and they’re easy to apply.


Body odor and wetness are not things you want to deal with. No matter how rushed I am, I always put on deodorant before I leave the house. If you happen to forget one day, you’ll have one on hand in your emergency beauty kit. Look for one made without aluminum.

a pair of sunglasses on the deck of a boat


Not enough sleep? Forgot to take your makeup off last night? No matter, toss on a pair of chic sunglasses and no one will know. You can even skip the mascara that way.

You may want to toss in  one of these earrings for short hair and round face just in case.

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