Fashion for the Busy Woman For Every Style

Last Updated on April 9, 2022 by Ellen Christian

So, if you’re looking for fashion for the busy woman, check out these simple tips for every style. While I’d love to be able to change my clothes multiple times a day, the fact is that I generally need to wear one outfit throughout the day. This can be a challenge when I go from casual errands like the grocery store to a meeting with a client.

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Fashion for the Busy Woman For Every Style

Fashion for the Busy Woman

Like most women, I wear multiple hats throughout the day. Mom, wife, employee, business owner, volunteer, etc. I juggle them all and often move from one to the other without time to go home and change. I feel like I’m constantly on the go. And, I definitely don’t have time to change outfits. Here are a few simple style tips to help.

Fashion for the Busy Woman For Every Style

Create a base outfit

One of my favorite base outfits is a pair of black slacks and a white shirt.  By adding different accessories and layers, you can turn that base outfit into something entirely different. It’s easy to dress up or down. And, it matches with just about anything. You can choose a plain white shirt. Or, pick one with pretty detailing on the sleeves or at the neckline.

Fashion for the Busy Woman For Every Style

Dressing up a white shirt

By dressing up a white shirt with a pretty necklace, you can turn a casual outfit into something more suitable for evening or work. You can try a statement necklace or something more simple depending on your style. Learn how to wear a classic white shirt.

Fashion for the Busy Woman For Every Style

Mix and match for a unique style

Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match higher-end fashion with budget pieces. There’s no reason that you cannot wear pearls with jeans. Or, style your Nine West pants with a basic cotton t-shirt. Similarly, make sure that the pieces you wear are ones that are easy to care for.

How to Declutter Your Closet and Give Back

Organize your closet

One of the easiest ways to save time when choosing an outfit is to declutter and organize your closet. Instead of searching through clothes that don’t fit or you don’t like, get rid of them. Then, it will be much easier to find the clothes you like. Next, learn how to declutter your closet.

What is a capsule wardrobe

Buy fashion staples

Several years ago, I decided to learn how to create a capsule wardrobe. Instead of buying every fashion trend, I stick to basic pieces and add trendy accessories. That way, I am not buying a new wardrobe every year. Finally, always make sure the pieces you keep are ones you love. And consider donating things you no longer want. Learn more about how to get a capsule wardrobe.

Fashion Jewelry

Stock up on accessories

One of the easiest ways to conquer fashion for the busy woman is by learning to accessorize. Also, you can completely change the look of an outfit by adding different jewelry, shoes, scarves, or bags.

So, now that I’ve shared these simple tips, choose one or two to develop your own style of fashion for the busy woman. Finally, don’t feel like you have to try them all at once.