Easy Nail Polish Designs for Beginners

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I love doing my nails, but I don’t have much luck duplicating the designs I find on Pinterest. I love the pins titled “Easy Nail Polish Designs for Beginners” but most of them don’t turn out anything like the picture when I try them. I keep trying, but, most of the time I stick with simple accents or nail polish hacks that are mistake proof. I was provided a product for this post.

Easy Nail Polish Designs for Beginners

Easy Nail Polish Designs for Beginners

I’ve found that nude nail polish is much more forgiving for my complexion than darker colors. You can make a little mistake with a nude polish, and it won’t be glaringly obvious. Nude polishes also go with more outfits than some other colors, and I’d rather not have to change my polish every day.

Easy Nail Polish Designs for Beginners

I started with two base colors and a top coat (101 Top Coat) from the new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel™ line:

  • 610 Cream of the Crop
  • 640 Totem-ly Yours

I started with a base of 610 Cream of the Crop.  I love this color. It’s the perfect nude that can be worn alone or as the base for a design. I needed three coats to get a good, solid color. After that, I added the top coat to activate the “2x volume top coat.” Best of all, there is no UV light or lamp needed with this polish.

Easy Nail Polish Designs for Beginners

One of the easiest ways to make a nude polish stand out is to pick one finger to do a different color. Many people choose their ring finger, but you can do any finger you like.  I chose my pinky finger and did a coat of Totem-ly Yours followed by a coat of the top coat. I only needed one coat of  640 Totem-ly Yours to get great coverage. Both of these shades are part of the Tribal Vibe collection.

Easy Nail Polish Designs for Beginners

If you want a bit more than one nail a different color, you can put a piece of blue painter’s tape over half your nail lengthwise and paint a quick coat of polish on the exposed half. Quickly remove the tape and allow to dry completely. Follow up with another top coat.

The Tribal Vibe collection adds seven new sun-baked shades to the permanent lineup: Cream of the Crop (ivory with a hint of warmth), Tribal Sun (fiery coral like the setting sun), Rhythm & Blue (mirrors the hue of a bright blue sky), Totem-ly Yours (an appealing dusty rose), Per-Suede ( the color of rich reddish leather), Terra-Coppa (melds the gleam of copper with the earthy appeal of pottery) and Buffalo Nickel (a cool, classic silver white).

Another new collection, Boho Chic, brings together seven festival-ready saturated shades for free spirits everywhere: Rhapsody Red (updates classic cardinal red with a blue undertone), Tipsy Gypsy (a bubbly, bright pink), Boho a-Go-Go ( a deep, creamy eggplant), Beatnik ( a statement-making cobalt), Mintage (a medium-toned mint), Fish-teal Braid (an aquatic turquoise), Miss Wanderlust (packs colorful glitter into a soft stunning coral.

In addition, limited-edition duo packs pair the new Miracle Gel™ top coat with one of six summery colors: Blue Hue (a subdued, milk-glass blue), Teal Twin (a dark gemstone teal), Geo-Mint-ric (a vibrant spearmint), Get it Bright (the color of freshly sliced watermelon), Block Party (a tigerlily orange, tinged with coral),Up the Ante ( a medium-toned plum).

The new Miracle Gel™ Top Coat, limited edition duo packs, Tribal Vibe collection, and Boho Chic collection are available beginning July 2015 at chain drugstores and mass retailers nationwide. Miracle Gel™ Color Coat and Top Coat cost $9.99 each, and the limited edition duo pack costs $14.99.

Easy Nail Polish Designs for Beginners

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  1. Wow – I didn’t know that you could do the gel at home.  That’s amazing.  Definitely going to have to look for it, that really helps my nails stay strong!

  2. I need to start doing my nails more often. I tend to make messes on my nails though.