Dry Shave Without Razor Burn

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I generally shave while I’m in the bath but every now and then I need to dry shave because I’m pressed for time and want to wear shorts or capris instead of my jeans. Normally, when I dry shave I end up with red, itchy bumps and razor burn. This is definitely NOT an attractive look while wearing shorts or capris.

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How to dry shave without razor burn

Dry Shave Without Razor Burn

I have very sensitive skin but I don’t find that I get razor burn at all when I follow this method. You’ll need to experiment to see which method works best for you. I typically only dry shave my legs but I don’t see any reason why this same method wouldn’t work for under your arms.

  • Use a precision body shaver. Traditional razors just don’t work well for dry shaving.
  • Shave in the correct direction. While shaving against the direction the hair grows will give you a closer shave, it will also cause the most irritation.
  • Pull the skin tight. If the area you want to save is loose in any way, pull the skin tight as you shave to create a flat surface.
  • Don’t press too hard. The blade should glide smoothly over your legs. Pressing too firmly can cause irritation.
  • Bend your knees. When shaving the knee area, bend your knees to get a close shave.
  • Pat your legs dry. Don’t rub. That will irritate the freshly shaved skin. Just pat gently.
  • Apply a light coating of baby powder. After shaving and patting your legs dry, apply a light coating of unscented baby powder or pure cornstarch to your legs.

The battery operated Panasonic ES-WR40 Body Shaver uses the same technology as their facial shavers so it treats your skin gently while removing hair. It has a two way pivoting head with horizontal and vertical positions that makes it easy to shave missed spots. There is no need for shaving cream or water so it’s the perfect choice to get a dry shave without razor burn. You get up to 5 years of use from the one razor blade. The razor blade is washable and there is a cleaning brush included. This is also the perfect choice for travel because of the folding design. You can find the Panasonic ES-WR40 at retailers like Walmart.

How to dry shave without razor burn

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  1. I’ll have to try the baby powder. I don’t have much hair on my legs, mostly blond but a few darker so I usually don’t get razor burn.

  2. Razor burn is the worst! I always make sure my razor is extra sharp, and I use a lot of shaving cream and hot water. I have naturally dark hair, so I can’t get away with not shaving every day. 

  3. That sounds like a great razor.  There care plenty of days where I’m rushing out the door and wished I had more time to get myself ready.

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