Do Anxiety Rings Work?

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Do anxiety rings work? Learn more about fidget rings and how they can help to alleviate anxiety and manage stress.

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Do anxiety rings work? Learn more about fidget rings and how they can help to alleviate anxiety and manage stress.

Do Anxiety Rings work?

I love wearing rings and recently learned about anxiety rings, otherwise known as worry rings. Many people suffer from mental health problems like anxiety and stress so new ways to manage anxiety are always interesting to learn about.

There are many ways to relieve anxiety such as deep breathing and meditation. And, a fidget ring or anxiety ring works to reduce anxiety through its tactile properties.

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What is an anxiety ring?

An anxiety ring is composed of a metal band with a spinning center and ridges along the outside that can be rotated to help reduce stress and calm the mind.

An anxiety ring works much the same way that fidget spinners for children work. It can help to focus pent-up energy and calm racing thoughts.

The physical activity of spinning your anti-anxiety ring can help anxious people manage stressful moments.

Benefits of fidget rings

Fidget rings are often used in cognitive behavioral therapy as well as during meditation, mindfulness activities, or other relaxation techniques. They’re also worn by people who experience anxiety-provoking situations like social events, work meetings, or test-taking.

I’ve been wearing an Anxiety Ring from Moksha and I find that it does help to reduce anxiety for me in work situations. Plus, it’s a stylish piece of jewelry that matches every outfit.

worry rings from Moksha

About Moksha

Created by childhood best friends who then became college roommates to going off and living separate lives until Covid struck and mental health concerns were at an all-time high right after one of the founders had suffered a loss due to suicide.

Founders Jaymin and Yash reconnected, bonding over burnout and its effects on your mental health. After researching, they realized there weren’t any affordable devices to help with stress on the market. Thus, Moksha, meaning a form of rebirth, was born.

What do anxiety rings do?

In addition to their calming effects, anxiety rings can also help to keep your hands busy and prevent nail biting or fidgeting that could be a distraction in certain settings.

By allowing the wearer to focus on the tactile sensation of the metal band and spinning center, it can also help those with ADHD or other learning disabilities to concentrate and stay focused.

I’ve been using my anxiety ring from Moksha to help manage stress. Their anxiety rings are not only stylish but spinning them is very calming.

It’s more socially acceptable to use spinner rings at work to manage nervous energy than it is to use a fidget spinner. They help me feel good and cope during stressful situations.

But to most people, it looks just like a stylish piece of jewelry on my finger.

close up of a hand with anxiety rings on

Which finger do you wear an anxiety ring on?

Anxiety rings are usually worn on the thumb or index finger. Some people even choose to wear an anxiety ring on their pinky finger for easy access if needed.

Overall, you can wear anxiety rings on any finger they’re comfortable on. Your worry ring should be comfortable but not so tight that you can’t spin it.

Do anxiety rings help with nail-biting?

Yes, an anxiety ring can help with nervous behaviors like nail biting or chewing your lower lip. These are nervous responses to stress.

So, using a fidget ring helps replace that response with something better.

Check out the anxiety jewelry from Moksha including their Anxiety Rings and Beam Necklace. You can choose silver, gold, rose gold, or space gray.

Anxiety rings or fidget rings can also be used as meditation rings. These rings are meant to be spun when you feel overwhelmed or anxious.

The physical activity of focusing on the movement can provide a calming sensation and help ease stress and anxiety to help during meditation.

If you suffer from anxiety, fidget rings may be a helpful tool in managing your symptoms. They can give you something to focus on, manage nervous energy, and keep your hands busy during stressful situations.

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Simple ways to manage anxiety

In addition to wearing an anxiety ring, there are other simple ways for you to manage your anxiety and achieve a more relaxed state. Take time to practice deep breathing exercises or find a quiet place where you can meditate.

Connect with nature by going for a walk in the park or find activities like yoga, tai chi, or journaling that help you stay present and mindful. With practice and patience, you can learn to lead a more stress-free life by managing anxiety.

Overall, anxiety rings are a great tool for managing stress and calming the mind. While they may not be a substitute for professional help, they can provide relief in certain situations when used correctly.

If you have an anxiety disorder or have panic attacks, consider giving an anxiety ring a try! Check out the Anxiety Rings from Moksha.

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