How to Choose a Claddagh Ring

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Do you know how to choose a Claddagh Ring? My daughter received a Claddagh Ring a few years ago and it’s one of her favorite pieces of jewelry still. I wanted to share with you how to choose a Claddagh ring and what it means in case you didn’t know.
How to Choose a Claddagh Ring and What it Means

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How to Choose a Claddagh Ring 

So, the Claddagh ring is a ring with two hands clasped together. It stands for everlasting love and friendship and has meanings in Irish history.

The heart symbolizes Love, the hands symbolize Friendship, and the crown symbolizes Fidelity. Check out the styles here.

two claddagh rings near colorful flowers

The story of the Claddagh ring

The story says that hundreds of years ago in an Irish fishing village (named Claddagh), a fishing boat was captured by pirates. The crew were all taken prisoners and were sold as slaves.

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However, one of the crew members was sold to a Turkish goldsmith but never forgot his true love even though he was gone for years. While he was there, he made a ring for her to symbolize his love.

Eventually, was freed and returned to Ireland to find the girl he loved. He gave her the Claddagh ring and they were married and lived happily every after.

How to Choose a Claddagh Ring and What it Means

How to Wear a Claddagh Ring

So, that isn’t all you need to know about wearing a Claddagh ring. Where and how you wear it is important. Check out the styles here.

If you wear the Claddagh ring on your right hand with the point of the crown toward your wrist, your heart isn’t spoken for.

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When you wear it on the right hand with the crown pointing toward the tips of your fingers, you are committed to someone special.

Finally, if you are your special someone both wear your rings on the left hand with the crown pointed outward, it means you are both committed to each other forever.

You can shop the styles here.

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  1. What a romantic story about the Claddagh ring origins. I didn’t know that was the actual story. It’s not only perfect for St Patty’s day but Valentines as well! Thanks for sharing. I shared it on Google plus

  2. Well I learned something, thanks. I’m not ready for Valentine’s Day yet, much less St. Patrick’s Day. I do love the nails though.


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