Memory Rings Personalized

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Looking for memory rings personalized with photos of loved ones? Check out these gorgeous in loving memory rings available from Creation Source.

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Memory Rings personalized by Creation Source

Memory Rings Personalized

I love personalized gifts because they are unique.  If you look in my closet, you’ll find a number of bags with my initials on them.  You’ll see t-shirts with sayings or graphics that I’ve chosen because they remind me of something in my life that’s special.  

While I have a few monogram necklaces, that is about all of the personalized jewelry I have.  When I was offered one of the memory rings personalized with photos from Creation Source, I knew this was something I needed to have.

I love this idea.  I was able to choose eight photos for my memory ring.   So, I chose photos of my family including pictures of the kids, my sister, and my parents.  

It appears that Creation Source is no longer in business. But, you can get a photo signet ring with your photograph on it right here.

I love being able to glance at the band of the ring and see special people from my life looking back at me.

How to create a memory ring

The creation process was very simple.  All I had to do was choose eight photos and email them along with my ring size.  No complicated website tools or submission process was involved at all.  

I was a bit worried that because a ring is such a small item, I wouldn’t be able to see the photographs. However, the photos are crisp and clear and I can easily see the people in each one. The ring fit perfectly and was very comfortable as well.

Memory Rings personalized by Creation Source

Personalized Christian rings

Sarah and David are teenagers now.  It’s hard for me to believe that one day they will be off on their own and I won’t be seeing them each morning as they head off to school.

Memory rings personalized with my own photos serve as a wonderful reminder of special memories.  Mine reminds me of the day David completed the Spartan Race, the day Sarah graduated from high school and so many other wonderful memories.

I know that this is a personalized gift I’ll wear for many years to come.

A memory ring personalized with photos would be wonderful gifts for my Mom and Grandmother this year.  They don’t get to see Sarah and David as often as they would like to and I know they’d love to have photos of them on a personalized gift.

Creation Source can customize memory rings and custom Apple computer logos.  Creation Source brings life to your everyday accessories and tools. Begin expressing yourself like never before possible!

memory rings personalized
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  1. Yes, that is cool. I too love personalized things, especially things I can wear. I would definitely get one with my grand kids on their. I will check them out further. Thanks for sharing. This grandma loves it!!

  2. I’ve never seen anything like these Memory Rings before- I can’t believe the quality and detail they get into such a small space.

  3. This older post caught my eye. I have pictures in lockets and this is a lovely twist in that you can easily see your loved one. Such a unique jewelry item I have never seen before.


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