Bath Bombs Recipe for Headache Relief

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Life isn’t all shopping and mocha lattes. Sometimes it’s difficult teenagers and cars that won’t start.  As much as I wish life was like a perpetual trip to the mall, there are headaches to deal with too. Sure, you can take something for your headache but for me, part of the headache is generally due to stress.  The key for me is relieving the headache and eliminating the stress as much as possible. I feel more comfortable with natural remedies than turning to an over the counter drug. I have been exploring homeopathy as a way to accomplish this.

Bath bombs recipe for headache relief

Bath Bombs Recipe

One of my big stress relief techniques is to take a nice hot bath. I close the door, put out some warm, comfy towels, sink into a hot bath and try to forget whatever or whoever is stressing me out. I love adding scents to my tub to take advantage of the aromatherapy benefits.  This bath bombs recipe uses Healing Natural Oils H-Headaches formula for headache relief. It contains an essential oil blend of citrus lemon peel, lavender, chamomile, peppermint and rosemary.

Bath bombs recipe for headache relief

Lavender and chamomile are two of my favorite essential oils to use for relaxation and rosemary essential oil is often used for pain relief.  The combination of these essential oils is a natural choice for headache relief due to stress or other causes. To enjoy this essential oil blend during my bath and have it help with my headache, I added it to this bath bombs recipe.


  • 1 cup of baking soda
  • 1/3 cup water
  • a few drops of Healing Natural Oils H-Headaches formula essential oil blend
  • cupcake liners & cupcake tin


  • Preheat oven to 350F
  • Mix the baking soda and water just until it starts to come together. You can adjust the amount of water if you need to but only add enough until it starts to stay together.
  • Place the cupcake liners in the cupcake tins.

Bath bombs recipe for headache relief

  • Divide the mixture between 4 liners, smoothing the top gently with a spoon.
  • Bake for about 20 minutes
  • Let cool completely and remove from cupcake liners.
  • Store them away. Before using the bath bombs add 2 or 3 drops of  Headache Treatment by Amoils and toss in the shower/bath. Baking soda is wonderful for your skin.

Soothe your headaches naturally

Healing Natural Oils offers a variety of different oils.  There are formulas to help with many beauty problems including acne and cold sores.  I love knowing that these products are natural and backed by a 90 day money back guarantee.  Each of the oils comes with directions on how often it should be used and how it should be used.  You only need a drop or two of the oils during the process so they last a very long time.

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34 thoughts on “Bath Bombs Recipe for Headache Relief”

  1. These sound wonderful! I get migraines and already take too much medication, so natural remedies would be very helpful. I’ve been hearing more and more about essential oils as treatment for so many different problems. Actually, the idea of a hot bath alone sounds pretty good 🙂

  2. These bath bombs look amazing.  Anything with peppermint makes me smile and I am sure a bath infused with so many oils would perk up my day!  I am adding these bath bombs to my must make list!

  3. These bathbombs can be so very expensive.. You use them once then they are gone… to be able to make my own at home for much less would be great, I will have to try this.

  4. These will seriously be my best friend for the next few weeks. I’ve given up caffeine for lent. But it is also one of the best fighters for my migraines. So I’ve been using a lot of essential oils to fight my headaches and migraines. They have actually been working wonderfully; and I may not go back to caffeine!  So this would be perfect for the rare occasions I say “Mommy time is NOW” and take a calming bath to combat the headache. 

  5. I did not know that you could use specific products in the bath to help combat a headache. This is seriously amazing to me! With 3 young boys it is nice to take some time to myself and enjoy a nice long bath every now and then.

  6. That’s a great idea. I don’t get headaches very often but I truly enjoy baths. I’ve never thought of using essential oils to create my own bath bombs!

  7. I would love to try these. They seem like they would be very relaxing. I used to suffer from migraines when I was younger. Now I have a headache everyday from salt sensitivity.

  8. if your a mom and have kids this would come in use, (make a lot up! lol) then wait till you put them to bed and use these in a bath! How relaxing!

  9. I get terrible migraines, which have increased thanks to a recent car accident that left me with a neck injury. I am going to try this out. I’ll do anything for some relief right now.

  10. the Oils are also good for your skin and the baking soda will help clean the tub- win/win situation, right?

  11. This couldn’t have been read by me at a better time. I have been getting migraines at least a few times a month for the last several months. I would love to try something natural like this. I appreciate you letting me know where to get these oils too as I had no earthly idea. A nice soak in the tub sounds really nice right now to tell ya the truth!

  12. What a great natural recipe I hadn’t heard of–I’ll pin it. I have several essential oils I can use but love lavender oil the best since it’s soothing.

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