10 Gifts for Teenage Girls They’ll Love

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Finding gifts for teenage girls can be a challenge.  There were years when my daughter was younger that nothing I bought for her was the right color, style, size or design. I started to wonder if I would ever find anything she liked for a gift.   Through trial and error, I found a number of gifts for teenage girls that will work for even the pickiest girl.  When I received a few cute gifts from mark’s 2013 holiday beauty launch for a feature on my site, I knew that these would make wonderful gifts.

10 Gifts for Teen Girls They'll Love

Gifts for Teenage Girls

Part of the difficulty in buying gifts for teenage girls is knowing their color preferences.  I remember when my daughter went through a goth stage and anything that wasn’t black didn’t impress her.  Then she went through a bright, primary color phase and refused to wear anything that was pastel. To this day, she tends toward the bright, vibrant colors.  Being aware of those color preferences makes the job easier.  If you really have no idea what her color preferences are, there are still options that work for you.

  • iTunes gift cards – I haven’t met a teenager yet that didn’t like some kind of music.
  • Fast Food Restaurant gift cards –  Whether they want burgers, salads or coffee, chances are they will appreciate this.
  • Cash – I know not everyone wants to give cash but it works well for some especially if they have college expenses to deal with.
  • Nail care items – If you know their color preferences, a cute nail polish set like mark’s Nailed It is great for the holidays. Each set includes two trendy mini nail polishes. If you aren’t sure of their color preferences, stick with nail files, cuticle creams and a clear coat.
  • Lip gloss or lip balm – Again if you don’t know what colors they like, stick to a clear lip gloss or untinted lip balm.
  • Ear buds – My teens are very hard on their ear buds and always need a new pair.  They’ll appreciate having a new pair when theirs needs to be replaced.
  • Razors and shaving cream – Yes, it’s a practical gift but one that my daughter appreciates each year.
  • Hobby supplies – If you aren’t sure exactly what types of supplies she wants but know that she does crafts, try a gift certificate to a local craft store.
  • Jewelry organizer – Most teens have bracelets, earrings and necklaces that could use a little bit of organizing.
  • Make up – This is tricky. Make sure you get her a palette with a number of different shades and colors if you aren’t sure of her color/style preferences.  The mark Color Clutch to Go has colors for eyes, lips and cheeks from sheer to medium coverage. It all comes in a sleek carrying case.

Are you buying gifts for teenage girls this year?

10 thoughts on “10 Gifts for Teenage Girls They’ll Love”

  1. This is a great list!!! As a beauty & fashion blogger with an extended family full of girls I totally agree that most teenage girls will love the beauty items mentioned! Great tip about selecting a palette for makeup, that will pretty much make sure there are colors they like! As a teen I loved artsy craft project kits too!

  2. Nail lacquer is a big deal around here- many teens like bright colors and lots of texture. .Mark has a great palette of lacquers and affordable nail care items to make a wonderful gift bundle.

  3. My goddaughters are all about crazy nails these days. They make me laugh sometimes with the color combinations they choose.
    Cash is always good – especially with the older ones and college expenses.

  4. HObby store supplies…my daughter has boxes.  I must get her to release some.  But she does love them.  

  5. Great list! For me I could never have too many lip glossses or nail files.. wow that is the truth even now! 🙂

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