Winter Skin Care Routine

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Winter is here and our furnace runs all the time. I have packed away all of my cute sandals and short sleeved shirts. I’ve brought out my winter boots and switched my wardrobe back to jewel tones rather than pastels. It’s not just my outfits that change during the winter. I switch to my winter skin care routine as well. Cold winter air and indoor heat can both dry out your skin. This means you need to care for your skin differently in the cold weather.

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Winter Skin Care Routine | Healthy Skin Tips

Winter Skin Care Routine | Healthy Skin Tips

In celebration of National Healthy Skin Month, dermatologist Dr. Lisa Chipps is revealing a few simple tips to keep your complexion looking its best this month and all winter long!

  • Twice a day, both morning and night, make sure that you cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser like AVEENO® Ultra-Calming® Foaming Cleanser. Its gentle formula will help prevent over-drying or aggravating sensitive skin.
  • If you wear make-up try AVEENO® Ultra-Calming® Makeup Removing Wipes to gently remove dirt, oil and makeup before you go to bed. These wipes contain feverfew which helps calm your skin.
  • Moisture is very important during the winter months. After you wash your face, gently pat it dry and immediately apply a good moisturizer to prevent moisture loss.
  • Be sure to reach for a moisturizer with a SPF of 30 or higher. SPF is always important, even in the winter times! This helps to protect against aging skin concerns, sunburns and skin cancers caused by UV rays reflecting off of the snow and ice.
  • General health and well-being promote great looking skin year-round. Eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, sleep – seven to eight hours daily, and manage your stress for a beautiful, healthy looking complexion.

With my sensitive skin, I love the products in the AVEENO Ultra Calming Collection. Feverfew is a naturally soothing ingredient that has been proven to help reduce the appearance of redness and to calm irritated skin. It has been used for years as an herbal treatment for fever and migraines and AVEENO scientists discovered them when you apply it to your skin, the flower delivers antioxidant benefits that reduce redness and irritation.

Winter Skin Care Routine | Healthy Skin Tips


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  1. I never think about applying the SPF in the wintertime, even though I’ve read it in magazines before.  Maybe if I purchased some makeup that already had SPF in it, I’d be able to get that part in!! 

  2. I just bought some Aveeno products at Costco for winter. It is so incredibly dry here during winter that we have to be careful to proactively moisturize extra well in the beginning of the season. I agree with you that SPF is important too.


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