DIY Pampering Gifts | Gifts for Busy Women

DIY pampering gifts are the most fun to put together. Shopping for things to put in Mason jar packages is sort of like hunting for a buried treasure. I look for all sorts of little trinkets that will fit inside a Mason jar and then tie the whole thing with a bow or ribbon. Finding gifts for busy women is a challenge but everyone loves a little pampering.

DIY Pampering Gifts | Gifts for Busy Women

DIY Pampering Gifts | Gifts for Busy Women

I already had a few things here that I had picked up on my shopping trips but I needed more. I was searching through my Shopular app for deals when I saw the sale they had on Revlon nail polish and that they had several chocolate bars on sale. Those are both exactly what I needed for my DIY pampering gifts jar. I found a few more things while I was there too!

DIY Pampering Gifts | Gifts for Busy Women

Creating a pampering gifts jar is really simple. I just thought about the types of things I’d like to receive on a difficult day and then put everything in a cute Mason jar and tied it with some ribbon. Here’s what I included in mine:

  • Revlon Nail Polish*
  • 2 chocolate bars*
  • Cotton balls
  • Advil (just in case)*
  • EOS  Hand Lotion*
  • NYC Lipstick*
  • Christian Audigier Perfume Sample

All of the things with * on them, I found at CVS on sale or free after Extra Care Bucks and I never would have known about them if I hadn’t looked for deals via Shopular. You can vary the things that you include in your DIY pampering gifts jar. Just check out the latest sales (using Shopular of course) and add whatever is on sale that fits your theme. You could easily add in a candle, some fuzzy socks, a nail file or even a gift card for a movie or some music on iTunes. Just use your imagination and think about what the recipient might like to receive.

DIY Pampering Gifts | Gifts for Busy Women

I made a cute gift tag and tied it with some pretty women and I have a great gift that I know I’d love to receive.

DIY Pampering Gifts | Gifts for Busy Women


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