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Mascara is the one thing I won’t leave the house without putting on. My eyelashes are very short and sparse and just completely disappear without a good coat of mascara. I’ve tried dozens of different types of mascara. I’ve tried drug store and upscale brands. I’ve tried different wands and different colors. I’ve tried volumizing, non clumping, curling and every other type of mascara.

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Mascara Comparison | Mascara Reviews

Mascara Comparison | Mascara Reviews

I haven’t tried every brand known to mankind so this mascara comparison is based on the mascara I’ve tried.  There are a variety of brands to choose from ranging from drug store to more upscale choices.

  • Truofles Cosmetics Mascara – Truofles Cosmetics is a small cosmetics company that offers one style of mascara.  I received this in a beauty box subscription a while ago and it appears the company is no longer in existence. You may be able to find them on eBay at this point.  It gives a nice length with practically no clumping at all. Not overly heavy and thick but definitely noticeable.
  • Benefit They’re Real Mascara – The one I have is a deluxe sample size. There is a full size available as well.  Benefit They’re Real Mascara does an amazing job separating your lashes and getting the tiny little lashes at the inner corner of your eyes. One coat gave me great length. Two coats gave me even more length but with a tiny bit of clumping. I’d probably stick with one coat and be happy with it.
  • Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara – I am absolutely IN LOVE with this mascara. You get great length and volume with one coat but you really have it apply it slowly and carefully to make sure that it doesn’t clump up. I can manage two coats with no clumps if I’m very careful but cannot get any more than that. Definitely love the applicator for capturing each lash.
  • Too Faced lashGASM Mascara – This mascara says that it will volumize, separate, lengthen, curl AND leave you with healthier lashes. You cannot beat that.  The bristles on the brush are rather short and firm which is a plus for me because it separates the lashes. This helps eliminate the clumping.  Even with two coats, I had no clumping and I definitely didn’t need more than two for amazing lashes.
  • MiaMariu Lengthening Mascara – Traditional mascara brush and the mascara has a slightly different smell to it. I have absolutely no clumping at all with this mascara and it separates lashes well. However, it does take a good three coats to get the length I want.
  • L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga – OK I’m not a huge fan of drug store brands. I bought this one totally because the packaging was adorable.  I almost didn’t open it because I don’t expect great results from a drug store brand. In the end, I’m really glad I opened it.  You have to apply this slowly and carefully – much like the Too Faced Better Than Sex. It does give great length but really has a tendency to clump if you’re not careful. Definitely would NOT use more than two coats.
  • Eyeko Midnight Blue Black Magic Mascara – Love that the brush has a slight curve to it. That really does make it easier to apply for me. The product also contains shea butter which is supposed to help condition your lashes. Great length. No clumping. Actually doesn’t smudge off and stays on well.  The tube is even squeezable so you don’t miss any.

So, out of these 7, which is my favorite? I really do love the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. It’s definitely worth the money. If you’re looking for a comparable drug store brand, I’d recommend the L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga as a close second. Clean the brushes regularly between applications to keep down the clumping.

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Mascara Comparison | Mascara Reviews

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This post contains affiliate links.

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