Comfortable Stylish Winter Boots

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I’m not a big fan of winter. I live in Vermont. I should like the snow. I should ski or build snowmen or have snowball fights. Now I have the perfect stylish winter boots.

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My Style | Comfortable Stylish Winter Boots

My Style | Comfortable Stylish Winter Boots

But, I don’t. I go from my warm house to my warm car to a warm building and then reverse the process to go home. Snow is cold and messy and not fun to walk or drive in.   Besides a warm winter jacket and gloves, the other thing that’s very important to me in the winter is comfortable stylish winter boots that are warm.

Yes, I want to look stylish when I go out. I definitely have to be comfortable and with all the snow on the ground, warm is important too.  I want my boots to be breathable and lightweight so my feet feel fresh. That’s important when you’re wearing boots for hours at a time. These Pixie boots from Hotter have anti-bacterial insoles and breathable leather uppers.

My Style | Comfortable Stylish Winter Boots

The Pixie boots have millions of tiny air bubbles in the soles so they are very lightweight and flexible.  They’re available in sizes 5 through 11 in regular and extra wide fit (limited color selection). You can find these cute boots in Black Suede, Aubergine Suede, Pecan Suede (shown), Sangria Suede and Deep Teal Suede.

I love the fact that these boots are both stylish and comfortable. The side has trendy stitching and a fun tassel. The inside of the boot is super soft and warm and they are a great match with a pair of jeans and a heavy winter jacket.

My Style | Comfortable Stylish Winter Boots

If you’re looking for comfortable stylish winter boots, the boots from Hotter are definitely a great choice.  They offer a variety of comfortable shoes and boots for both men and women featuring their Comfort Concept.

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  1. I like those boots alot!  It’s really a bif plus for me that they are lightweight — so many cute boots are so heavy I can hardly lift my feet in them!


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