Comfortable Supportive Boots for Winter and Spring

I am absolutely in love with these supportive boots! You know it can be a challenge to find boots that are comfortable and have good arch support. Years ago, I developed a heel spur and totally had to change the way I bought boots and shoes. Originally, I thought I had to give up all of the cute styles I was used to wearing. But, that’s definitely not true. There are lots of adorable boots with good support.

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woman dressed for winter with boots

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Comfortable Supportive Boots

Here in Vermont, winter starts in October and can easily last until April. Even after the snow melts and it starts to warm up, we have mud season at least until May. Snow and mud can really cause a lot of damage to your boots and shoes. I have finally found a pair of boots that are not only comfortable and supportive but washable! Yes, you can actually toss them in the wash when they get dirty.

Comfortable Supportive Boots for Winter and Spring

Bzees Zora Bootie is an ultralight bootie that has a suede or stretch fabric upper with a side zip closure. They have Free Foam Footbeds, memory foam arch, a removable sock liner, and Comfort Cone Gel to help with shock absorption and cushioning.

These booties come to a little bit above my ankle so they are the perfect choice to transition from winter to spring. They come in black (pictured), navy, wine, and a black floral pattern. I wore them today while I was running errands, and I cannot believe how comfortable they are. Plus, they kept my feet warm even though I was walking through snow. They were also comfortable enough for me to wear for hours.

supportive boots in the snow

Of course, Bzees has several different styles of boots including both booties and tall boots with arch support. And, once winter is over, they also have water shoes, sandals, wedges and slip on shoes. They even offer men’s shoes including men’s boots with arch support.

If you’re looking for the best winter boots for plantar fasciitis, I really recommend that you try one of the comfortable supportive boots from Bzees. You deserve to be comfortable and stylish.

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