Travel Beauty Essentials

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For many people, the holidays are a time to travel to see friends and family.  The holidays can be a very stressful time of year to begin with.  

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Travel beauty essentials for the holidays


Travel Beauty Essentials

When you add in dealing with airport crowds, making it through security in one piece, flight delays, and bad weather, you can feel like tearing your hair out.  

When I travel, I make sure that I take my favorite TSA-approved travel beauty essentials with me.  I don’t need the added stress of realizing I have forgotten something I really need.

TSA rules say that you cannot bring full-size beauty products onto the airplane. I have a few travel beauty essentials that are available in TSA-approved sizes that I bring with me when I travel.  Here are a few products that are coming with me the next time I step on a plane.

Best travel size skincare products

  • Aubrey Organics EveryDay Basics Moisturizer – Replenish dry winter skin with Aubrey EveryDay Basics Moisturizer for Normal/Dry Skin. The combination of organic argan oil, organic aloe vera, horsetail, and coltsfoot will hydrate and soothe skin, resulting in improved skin texture and elasticity! I absolutely LOVE the way argan oil makes my skin feel! $9.95
  • got2b POWDER’ful volumizing styling powder –  In 10 seconds flat, strands are transformed from limp to lifted. An added bonus? It fits perfectly in the tiniest of clutches so you can give your roots a boost anytime, anywhere. Does your hair look as flat and blah after a long flight as mine does? Take a few quick seconds and restore some volume to your hair before you meet the relatives.  $5.99
  • bodycology Fragrance Mist – Smell delicious as you spritz on the go this with bodycology Toasted Vanilla Sugar Fragrance Mist. This blend of amber, orange, and vanilla is warm and sensual and will make you feel like you’re already cozied up by the fire. Plus, conditioning and hydrating Honey and Aloe Vera provide a burst of refreshment. Love this scent and it’s perfect for the holidays without being overwhelming.  $2.00 Walmart and Target

Travel beauty case

Modella Weekender – For all of your other beauty go-to’s that keep you looking marvelous under the mistletoe, stow away in the Modella Weekender. Complete with TSA-friendly travel bottles and separate compartments, your beauty and accessory essentials stay organized and easy to find.

Perfect to bring along your own favorite beauty products. Just pour from your full size bottle into the TSA-friendly travel bottles. Store bottles and beauty supplies so they are organized and safe while you travel. More styles and patterns are available.  $12.97 Walmart

Not only are these products travel beauty essentials, but they also work wonderfully as stocking stuffers. My daughter loves tossing trial-sized beauty products in her backpack when she heads off to college.

She has the products that she needs in sizes that fit comfortably with her books and school supplies.

Check out these winter travel outfits while you’re packing.

Travel beauty essentials for the holidays

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  1. Great products all. They would make an excellent gift for someone who travels frequently or as you wrote a college aged student who might be sharing a bathroom in a dorm.

  2. Guess, I am on vacation right now and as I do almost always – I forgot my extensive collection of skin care – the would so be handly!

  3. I really want to try that Aubrey Organics moisturizer. I really need some good moisturizer because my skin gets so dry in the winter.

  4. I must be out of it but I don’t know how to use styling powder. It seems like it would be something for me to easily mess up:( The idea behind it is pretty cool…I just need someone to teach me how to work it!

  5. Whoever thought to create trial or mini sizes of beauty products and toiletries was definitely a genius! Who needs to lug big ol’ full sized products around, taking up valued space and energy? Especially on those hectic travel days when you have so much more on your mind then hauling your luggage.

    What a great list! Thanks so much for sharing with everyone 🙂

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