How to Choose a Pair of Glasses for Summer

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I’ve been thinking about how to choose a new pair of glasses for summer. Check out these tips for picking the best pair of summer glasses.

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How to choose a pair of glasses for summer

How to Choose a Pair of Glasses for Summer

I have a pair of sunglasses, but the color I chose limits the outfits I can wear them with. I don’t really want blue frames with every outfit. I think that something more neutral would give me more options.

It can be a challenge to choose a new pair of glasses for summer. I want something that’s stylish, practical and affordable all at the same time.

There are so many different things to consider including the color, shape, material and color tinting. Should I get wire frames or plastic? Grey tint or brown? Square, round or cat’s eye frames? 

I admit to being a bit vain about the way I look. Right now, I need eyeglasses for driving and watching television so I don’t wear them all the time.

The thought of wearing glasses 24/7 doesn’t really thrill me all that much but it may be something I need to consider as I get older. 

It’s not always practical or possible to try on every pair of glasses in the store. Plus, I often shop online because the selection is better, and I can’t try them on that way. 

For now, these are the options I’m considering when making my selection.

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Match frame to your eye color

Match the frame to your eye color if you want to draw out your eyes. I have blue eyes, so blue frames are a great choice for drawing out the blue in my eyes.

Go with brown frames for brown eyes or green frames for green eyes. Don’t be afraid to try a color that draws out the highlights in your hair if you prefer instead, OR

Match frame to your skin tone

If you have a pink or blue skin tone (spring or winter), choose a frame with silver, blue, black, purple, mauve or gray. If you have skin with yellow or orange tones (summer or fall), choose frames that are brown, gold, beige or olive green.

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Contrast your face shape

Choose a frame that contrasts your face shape. Ideally, the eyeglass frame should contrast the shape of your face. If your face is round, choose frames that are square or rectangular.

If your face is oval, choose a frame that is geometric in shape, and avoid overly large frames. Square faces will look best with round or oval frames.

Choose a cat’s eye frame if you have a diamond shaped face. Just remember when picking a pair of glasses that opposites attract when choosing the frame shape.

Flexible frame

If you participate in sport, choose a flexible frame. You’ll want a frame that can stand up to your lifestyle if you’re active. There are frames that have more *give* than others.

a handbag and sunglasses

Be unique

Make them *you* with style. You want your glasses to be you, just as much as your outfits are. Consider a monogram, rhinestones, charms or another way to personalize your glasses.

Choose glasses with leopard spots or a multicolor print. Buy a trendy eyeglass chain to hang them from when you’re not wearing them.

Remember that your glasses should reflect your style and personality, but they should also be comfortable. If you have a conservative job, but a lot of flare on your off times, you may need to have one pair of glasses for the office and another pair for your off time with friends.

a woman wearing a yellow beanie with glasses

How to choose color tint

Don’t assume that what works when selecting eyeglasses will also work when selecting sunglasses. The color tint can change the way your glasses look on your quite a bit.

If you only have enough money in your budget for one pair of glasses, you may want to purchase a pair of eyeglasses with a coating that changes when you’re out in the sun.

This will protect your eyes from damage due to the sun. Just be aware that the coating may or may not work while you’re driving. Be sure to ask those questions when you order your next pair of glasses.

Now that you know how to choose a pair of glasses for summer, you may want to learn about the qualities to look for when choosing sunglasses.

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