The Best Ways to Care for Your Faux Fur

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Before you ruin that jacket, find out the best ways to care for your faux fur. Learn more about faux fur care so you don’t ruin your favorite clothes.

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The Best Ways to Care for Your Faux Fur

The Best Ways to Care for Your Faux Fur

I love way the way a fur coat looks, but I prefer faux fur to real fur. Fur coats are very chic and make some sort of appearance during fashion week. This year, the collection included a gorgeous Mongolian fur coat, and Michael Kors has some beautiful furs in his winter 2016 collection.

Thankfully, just about any look you can get with fur, you can get with faux fur. While most real fur coats need to be professionally cleaned, faux fur can generally be cleaned at home. By properly caring for your faux fur, it can last you for years.

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Can I was a faux fur coat in the washing machine?

Of course, it’s important that you consult your garment care tag first but I have found that these cleaning tips work well for faux fur.

Faux fur that is short in length is easiest to care for. If you have faux fur that is long or shaggy, it should always be hand washed with care to prevent knotting.

If you plan on washing your faux fur in the washer, a top loader is best. Set the agitation speed to the lowest setting possible and fill it to medium level using cool water.

How do you clean a fake fur coat at home?

Always using a color safe detergent that is gentle for delicates.

Add the faux fur jacket to the washer and turn the washer off. Allow it to soak in cool water for 15 minutes.

The Best Ways to Care for Your Faux Fur

Can faux fur be washed and dried?

After it’s done soaking, set the washer manually to rinse and spin. Do NOT allow it to agitate as this can damage the faux fur.

Switch to the rinse cycle and allow it to drain and spin one final time. Repeat if necessary. Again, do not allow agitation.

woman wearing a faux fur coat

Can you put a faux fur coat in the dryer?

Do not place the faux fur item in the dryer as heat can damage it.

Hang it on a shower rod to dry or on a shower rack, being certain to main the proper shape.

Move it several times during the drying process to avoid unnatural folds or marks, smoothing the faux fur with your hand.

After 24 to 48 hours, your faux fur item should be ready to wear.

Remember, after the cold weather season is over, always launder your faux fur items before storing them. Fresh stains will be easier to remove than stains that have set all summer.

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  1. I don’t wear my faux fur much in LA, but love the animal prints so I’m not parting with them. I keep them in a garment bag in the closet so I should probably freshen them maybe with a fabric spray.

  2. I have a few faux fur jackets that need to be cleaned, so this information will help me know how to clean them properly. It helps to know that I should avoid putting my fur in the dryer after washing it. I’ll make sure to allow it to air dry by hanging it up properly. 


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