Reasons Exercise is Good for Your Skin

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Regular exercise is important for healthy skin.

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I won’t lie to you. One of the biggest reasons I exercise is so that I don’t gain weight. At 48, when I stop exercising, I start seeing the pounds inch back on again, and my jeans start feeling a little bit tighter.  But there are surprising reasons exercise is good for your skin as well.

surprising reasons exercise is good for your skin

Exercise is Good for Your Skin

Of course, you know that regular exercise is great for your heart, lungs, and emotional wellbeing. But, did you know that regular exercise is good for your skin? Here are ten surprising reasons exercise is good for your skin.

  1. Cardiovascular circulation – Exercise promotes healthy cardiovascular circulation. Your heart pumps the blood. Your lungs add oxygen. Your arteries carry it throughout your body (including your skin) and then return the blood to the heart. By increasing blood flow, you are keeping your skin fed and healthy.
  2. Exercise helps reduce stress – Studies have shown that both acne and eczema are reduced when stress levels are reduced.
  3. Sweating is good for you – Pushing yourself to accomplish a challenging workout makes you sweat and sweat helps to purify your skin. Just consider exercise like a trip to the sauna. All of the dirt and bacteria trapped in your pores is released when you sweat.
  4. Better sleep – Most people sleep better after they exercise and a better night’s sleep helps reduce those dark circles under your eyes and eliminate under eye puffiness.
  5. Exercise helps you tone your skin – Exercise helps you lose weight and tone your skin. Toned skin is more attractive and makes you look younger.

No matter the reason that you choose to exercise, it’s beneficial to both your health and your appearance. It doesn’t matter if you want to head to the gym, run a few miles, lift weights or do yoga. Any exercise that gets your blood pumping will benefit your skin. Be sure to follow your workout by cleansing your face to remove any sweat or impurities.

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