Summer Proof your Beauty Routine

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Wondering how to summer proof your beauty routine? All makeup is not created equal when it comes to summer heat.  I’m sure you’ve experienced that summer meltdown yourself.  I know these past few weeks have certainly been challenging.  The melted make up look is not one that’s overly attractive for anyone. 

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How to Summer Proof your Beauty Routine

How to Summer Proof your Beauty Routine

If you’re wondering how to summer proof your beauty routine, you need to start with makeup that can stand up to the heat and humidity. In the same way that you change your clothes for warmer weather, you need to adjust your beauty and hair products as well.

bottle of sunscreen in the sand

Don’t leave home without your sunscreen

You should never leave home without applying an SPF sunscreen to your face and your body. You should apply an SPF sunscreen of at least 30 to any exposed skin on your body when you go out.

But, it’s also important to remember to use makeup with SPF built into it. The Bare Minerals foundation has a built-in SPF 30. You can find it on Amazon.

And, you can get a concealer for your under-eye area with SPF as well. This Physicians Formula concealer also has an SPF of 30.

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Protect your hair from the sun

While your hair cannot get sunburned, the sun and heat can certainly still damage it. If you have light hair, you may welcome the lightening the sun causes.

However, if you’ve spent money to color your hair, having the sun fade your color isn’t a great thing. And, the sun can also cause your hair to become frizzy. A color protecting shampoo and conditioner will help protect your hair from fading.

And, and anti-humidity spray will help control the frizz. And, you can always protect your hair with a hat. Don’t forget hair care when wondering how to summer proof your beauty routine.

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Wear less makeup

It’s hard to look fresh when it’s hot and humid if your face has a heavy layer of cosmetics on it. Your skin needs to breathe and that may mean wearing a lighter foundation or skipping your foundation entirely.

You may want to try a beauty balm cream instead of a foundation. And, remember that waterproof mascara is less likely to smudge in the heat. Remember if you want to summer proof your beauty, you may want to keep your look simple.

water bottle on the beach

Stay hydrated and cool

If you’re wondering how to summer proof your beauty routine don’t forget to stay hydrated. Remember to bring along a reusable water bottle wherever you go.

And, using a facial mist can help your skin stay hydrated as well. I love this facial mist. The scent is amazing and it’s so refreshing.

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How to summer proof your beauty routine by deep cleaning

All of that summer heat can cause a build-up of oil and dirt in your pores. So, if you’re wondering how to summer proof your beauty routine make sure that you include a facial cleanser to keep your skin clean.

You may want to use a mud mask to really deep clean you pores during the summer. Learn more about the benefits of a Dead Sea mud mask. And, check out these Clarisonic tips and tricks to keep your skin clean and fresh.

How To Summer Proof Your Beauty Routine Effortlessly

Avoid products with Retinol

Products with Retinol offer many amazing benefits for women who want to look younger. But, if you’re wondering how to summer proof your beauty routine, leave the Retinol products for night time.

Retinol can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. So, they aren’t a great choice for daytime summer use.

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Use sensitive skin shaving products

Many women shave more frequently in the summer. So, if you’re planning on slipping into your favorite shorts or bathing suit, be sure to use products that are gentle on your skin.

Learn more about how to get a close shave without razor burn. Or, you might want to consider getting a bikini wax.

How to Summer Proof your Beauty Routine Effortlessly

How to summer proof your beauty quickly

No matter what you do, if you’re wondering about how to summer proof your beauty, I hope you’ll try a few of these tips. But remember, the summer should be spent relaxing and enjoying the warm weather, not obsessing about your looks.

If you need an effortless look to head out in the heat, just remember that hair up in a ponytail and a clean face will be easier to maintain than a more complicated style. Just toss what you need in your bag or tote and you’ll be set for the day.

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