My Style: The Little Black Dress

Last Updated on June 26, 2022 by Ellen Christian

I don’t get dressed up that often.  Because I work at home, most of the time you will find me in jeans.  When I do need to dress up a bit, I still tend to choose pants over a dress. I spent so many years needing to wear a suit to work that I love being able to be more casual.  As much as I love wearing jeans, it’s a good idea to have a few basics in your wardrobe just in case. I have a few summer maxi dresses for parties and summer events but the one thing my wardrobe was still missing since my weight loss was a little black dress.

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My style - Little black dress

My Style: The Little Black Dress

I know when many people think of a little black dress, they think of a tiny, skin tight clubbing dress but that’s not me. While I might have worn that twenty years ago, at forty-seven, my style is a bit more reserved.  When eshakti asked me to review a dress from their site, I knew that this was the perfect time to add a little black dress to my wardrobe. eShakti is the only online women’s fashion apparel company offering size 0-36W & custom clothing.

Most of the time, when you shop on a website or in a store, what you see is what you get. If you fall in love with everything about a dress except the sleeve length or neckline, you are out of luck. With eShakti, you can change the sleeve length, neckline, dress length, etc. If you are hard to fit, they can custom fit a dress to your measurements.

When I originally saw this dress on the eShakti site, it was sleeveless and the length was slightly above the knees. I made a few changes to the original dress to get three quarter length sleeves and a longer length. It was all a matter of making easy choices during the checkout process.  I could have changed the neckline style as well but I really liked that part of the dress and left it as is. The dress I received was stunning and exactly what I wanted.

My style - Little black dress from eShakti

eShakti has much more than dresses. You can purchase tops, skirts, dresses, and jackets. They have a wide variety of different styles from elegant to casual and chic to contemporary. I love the selection and the options at eShakti and will definitely be looking for more dresses in the future.

16 thoughts on “My Style: The Little Black Dress”

  1. Love eShakti – they have such a great selection of clothes. Thank you for the reminder – need to get myself something new and awesome

  2. I’m also checking out eShakti’s site. they have such beautiful dresses with lots of lovely details. I love the white detail on the bottom of your dress. I agree, I can’t really wear a skintight little black dress either. I tend to go for a flare fit as well. 

  3. I love how easy it is to customize a fashion with eShakti, and how they tailor a garment with your own personal measurements. I fluctuate in weight a bit, so it’s always nice to have a well fitted piece of clothing for a special event.


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