How to Restore Damaged Nails

Last Updated on June 27, 2022 by Ellen Christian

I love nail polish and you will find me wearing it most days.  Keep reading to learn how to restore damaged nails with this simple process.

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Restoring Damaged Nails

Restoring Damaged Nails

Some days, I wear neutral colors and some days I wear neon colors with glitter. What I choose all depends on my mood, my outfit, and my plans for the day.

If you share my love for nail polish, you’ll understand when I say that wearing nail polish every day can damage your nails. While my nails are generally healthy, I do have a few that are cracking or splitting.  I have no idea why they’re doing that but I don’t like the way it looks.

How to restore damaged nails

Restoring damaged nails isn’t easy. I’ve tried cutting the damaged portion off and hoping it would regrow correctly. I’ve tried letting the damaged portion grow to see if the new growth would somehow correct itself. It didn’t work.

When I received Probelle Touch n’ Grow nail hardeners for review, I decided to see if it would help with restoring damaged nails.

Probelle Touch n’ Grow is designed to cure, repair and restore damaged nails.  The Probelle Touch n’ Grow formula has been proven to prevent and correct nails that are breaking and cracking by forming a protective barrier on the nail.  

Restoring damaged nails is easy with the two formulas offered by Probelle.  Probelle Touch n’ Grow is formula #1 and is used daily for several days to stop peeling, cracking and splitting. Once the nail becomes stronger and healthier, the Probelle Touch n’ Grow PLUS (formula 2) is used.

Restoring Damaged Nails

Probelle Touch n Grow

Probelle Touch n’ Grow PLUS contains special elements extracted from garlic to harden and grow the nail while it protects against fungus.  

Lime is added to maintain hardness and growth while restoring the whiteness of the nail. These products are used with regular a manicure as a basecoat underneath the nail polish.

Formula 1 should be used for two to four weeks depending on how damaged your nails are.  Formula 2 should be used after that to maintain nail health.

I have been using the Probelle products for a few weeks now and definitely do see a difference in the amount of splitting I see. It’s very easy to use since you apply it exactly the same way you put on nail polish. 

I was able to apply my favorite nail polishes over the Probelle nail hardener with no problem at all. If you are interested in restoring damaged nails, I recommend you try the Probelle Touch n’Grow nail hardeners.

16 thoughts on “How to Restore Damaged Nails”

  1. Thankfully I don’t have too many nail issues but I try to prevent rather than treat. Looks like a good product to try!

  2. My nail will always chipped when it’s slightly long because they are extremely soft. I can never have nice longer nails! I’m so gonna try this!

  3. Silly question but where can I buy this??  I soooo need this product for my nails since they are weak, they split & break sooo easily!  Thanks for the advice!!  

  4. hi I purchased this product I have been using the 1st one since may 21 it is working but they still arent growing very well my ring finger is i had to still trim them should i use formula 1 for a few more weeks or can i go ahead and start formula 2?

  5. Oh I missed this post and it’s one I can use. I get some good products at Sally’s Beauty Supply down the street here but they are expensive. Good to see some other products for this reviewed.


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