Tarte SmolderEYES Review

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I’ve tried a few Tarte products in the past but most of my experience has been with their lipgloss and mascara.  When I received this Tart SmolderEYES from a friend, I was excited to add another one of their products to my makeup collection.  

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Tarte SmolderEYES Review

Tarte SmolderEYES Review

The ash violet color I received is part of a collection of six pencils that are part of the Tarte SmolderEYES Eye Catchers set that came out for 2012.

The Tarte SmolderEYES are Amazonian Clay waterproof liners.  The 2012 Eye Catchers set included five different colors: Champagne, Gunmetal, Ash Violet, Rainforest Black, and Gold and a skinny smolderEYES liner in Onyx. Ash violet is a sort of greyish purple color with a slight shimmer.  You can wear it as an all over eyeshadow, as a base for a lighter eyeshadow or as an eyeliner.  One end of the SmolderEYES pencil is the actual pencil and the other end is a sponge used to smudge the pencil after it’s applied.

The Tart SmolderEYES uses Amazonian clay which is known to balance surface oils in the skin. This helps with wear if you tend to have oily lids. I don’t generally have that problem unless it’s the peak of summertime here in Vermont. I love how it glided on smoothly without tugging. I hate eyeliners that tug because they tend to leave uneven lines when I use them. This is a very creamy eyeliner and the sponge helps smudge the color to give it a softer look.

Tarte SmolderEYES Review

For the most part, the liners in this set are on the dark side.  Ash violet is no exception.  The only shade that I saw that would work well for me as an eyeshadow is Champagne and that’s on my list to buy soon.  Because Ash violet is a darker color, I used it as an eyeliner. I love the ability to smudge it and make it softer as I’m not a huge fan of dark lines around my eyes.

Checking out the Tarte website, I don’t show that Ash violet is a current shade.  I found Plum and Fig which are both a bit lighter than the Ash violet I have. You can probably still find it on eBay if you want this specific shade or go with one of the lighter colors.

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