Must Have Beach Essentials

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If the weather keeps warming up in Vermont, I’ll be heading off to the beach to go swimming in just a few weeks.  While I am not someone who spends tons of time in the water, I do enjoy walking on the beach, sticking my feet in the waves and reading a book on a beach towel.  Who can resist wiggling their toes in the hot beach sand and sipping an ice cold glass of lemonade? I know I can’t!


Must Have Beach Essentials

Of course, you don’t want to head out to the beach without these must have beach essentials.  Being unprepared can mean I turn into a very unhappy person with a horrible sunburn. There are just some things that I don’t leave home without during the summer. When I received a Cappelli Straworld tote and hat combo for review, I knew I would add it to my list of must have beach essentials.

  • Water in a reusable bottle. I’m not a huge fan of bottled water so I bring my own from home in a reusable bottle instead. Don’t get dehydrated. Plan ahead.
  • Sunblock. I have fair skin and blue eyes. What does that mean? I turn into a lobster when I’m out in the sun without sun protection. I choose a high SPF.
  • Face wipes. I hate sweating in the hot weather so I always bring along a few face wipes just in case. A hot mess is never attractive even at the beach. Puffs Fresh Face wipes work wonderfully.
  • Sunglasses.  Squinting into the sun is not an attractive look for anyone plus sunglasses help protect your eyes. Make sure you find a cute pair like these from Michael Kors!
  • Cute sandals or flip flops. Sand can get really hot especially in the middle of the afternoon.  Find a cute pair of sandals to show off that polish & protect your feet!
  • Stylish hat. Not only will it protect your face from the sun, a cute hat is the perfect summer fashion accessory.


Lake Bomoseen Vermont

Lake Bomoseen, Vermont

Doesn’t this view just make you want to jump in the water?

The Cappelli Straworld tote and hat combo, with a UPF 50+rating, helps ensure that your skin stays protected while you enjoy the beach or other summer activities. The Pack A Hat is an adorable tote-style miniature wristlet bag with fun summery stripes that holds a stylish and matching packable sun hat with a 4 ½ inch brim. It is just perfect for resort, beach or every day wear.  You can easily slip it into a beach bag or a tote so you have it whenever the sun comes out.

The Pack A Hat is available in seven different fun colors: black, red, toast,  navy (pictured), green, lime and turquoise. The lined bags feature faux-leather wristlets, zipper closures and the Cappelli Straworld etched wood logo.


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  1. Great suggestions! I also do SPF clothing, hat is a must have for me !

  2. I always take sunscreen and sunglasses with me. The rest varies by mood lol

  3. Great suggestions. SPF is sooooo a important. I also tend to take a hair SPF spray for the scalp and some sunnies. Great post!!! 

  4. Perfect for the season, plus a good reminder to get myself a hat. 

  5. I just got my self a camelbak water bottle and am loving it! I really need to start remembering sunscreen, I got horrid sunburn this past weekend cause I forgot!

  6. What a nice selection! I definitely have to plan ahead when I go to the beach!

  7. I just bought a water infuser today that I’m sure will be a staple for me!

  8. Adding face wipes to my bag!

  9. I am in love with that tote

  10. Those face wipes are KEY!

  11. All great picks and are all things I take to the beach myself. Love your beach bag, by the way!

  12. I totally agree with your list of essentials! I definitely need a new hat, so I’ll look into getting that one.

  13. This is such great list of proper beauty essentials to have 🙂

  14. These are all great suggestions. I need to start wearing a floppy hat!

  15. I have some nice hats for the brutal sun. I used to live in Denver and it was so needed. It’s helpful to have a flap on the back and sides to cover your neck too. I faithfully wore sunscreen and my skin still looks great despite the harsh elements.