Sockwa Dojo Shoes for yoga, pilates or martial arts

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I’m one of those people who just doesn’t walk around barefoot especially in the colder months in Vermont which is unfortunately October to May. I generally have on socks and slippers or at least socks. Have you ever attempted to exercise in socks and slippers? Just doesn’t work – trust me.

The Sockwa Dojo caters to all indoor activities including yoga, pilates and martial arts. It’s perfect for those who need to use the muscles in their feet for balance and want to keep their feet clean and protected. A low-cut breathable upper fuses with 0.5mm of silicone rubber printed on the bottom of a neoprene sole. The scoop-top design allows for increased flexibility for stretching, exercising, meditating, housework or just kicking back and couch potato-ing.

 The Sockwa Dojo are so comfortable! They’re ideal not only for when I do my yoga but they’re super comfortable just for walking around the house.  They really gave me the feel of being barefoot but still offered protection for my foot.   They come in a variety of cool colors including purple, orange, pink, royal blue, olive, naked and olive. They do run a tiny bit on the small side so keep that in mind when ordering.

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  1. Wow these shoes look great and functional, where were they when I was big into yoga-I guess I should grab a pair and start again. Maybe Tomorrow 🙂

  2. Crazy Cat Lady says

    Entering the sockwa giveaway on Confessions of an Overworked Mom! I’d love to win these, as I am disabled and wearing tennis shoes and other shoes is difficult for me!

    Crazy Cat Lady

  3. Nicole-Lynn says

    They look very neat!

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  6. THese look lovely for yoga…I was thinking about getting some Vibrams 5 finger shoes but now its a toss up 🙂

    marloweopat at gmail dot com

  7. COnfessions of an Overworked Mom sent me. Never seen these before. Look comfortable.

  8. These are so cute!

    Confessions of an Overworked Mom sent me!

  9. These look great. I’m just getting back into Pilates, so this would be nice to have.


  10. nice shoes! thanks for sharing them with us!

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  12. These look comfy!
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  15. Follow via GFC, visiting from Confessions of and Overworked Mom.
    Thie shoes look so comfortable for the gym.

  16. those look really comfortable… I wonder how stuffy your feet get though

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