Sockwa Shoes for Yoga, Pilates & Martial Arts

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Have you been considering getting a pair of Sockwa Shoes to wear during Yoga, Pilates or Martial Arts classes? With my renewed focus on getting in shape, I’ve realized that my athletic shoes just do not work for every type of workout. And, I don’t want to exercise in bare feet.

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Sockwa Shoes for Yoga, Pilates & Martial Arts

Sockwa Shoes

I’m one of those people who just doesn’t walk around barefoot especially in the colder months in Vermont which is, unfortunately, October to May. I generally have on socks and slippers or at least socks. Have you ever attempted to exercise in socks and slippers? Just doesn’t work – trust me. That’s where Sockwa Dojo Shoes come into play. They are perfect for relaxing at home or your favorite self-defense class.

What are minimalist shoes?

So, Sockwa Shoes are what are considered minimalist shoes. If you’re not familiar with the phrase, let me explain. Minimalist shoes describe footwear that provides as little interference as possible with the natural movement of your foot.

They are very flexible and have a low heel to toe drop. They also don’t have extra for motion control or padding. You may also have heard them referred to as barefoot shoes. Softstar shoes were one of the first minimalist shoes that became mainstream. They have both adult and child sizes and styles.

Sockwa Shoes for Yoga, Pilates & Martial Arts

What can I wear Sockwa Shoes for?

Sockwa Shoes caters to all indoor activities including yoga, pilates and martial arts. It’s perfect for those who need to use the muscles in their feet for balance and want to keep their feet clean and protected. A low-cut breathable upper fuses with 0.5mm of silicone rubber printed on the bottom of a neoprene sole. The scoop-top design allows for increased flexibility for stretching, exercising, meditating, housework or just kicking back and couch potato-ing. You really can wear them for almost anything.

Sockwa Dojo shoes review

 The Sockwa Dojo Shoes are so comfortable! They’re ideal not only for when I do my yoga but they’re super comfortable just for walking around the house.  They really gave me the feel of being barefoot but still offered protection for my foot.   They come in a variety of cool colors including purple, orange, pink, royal blue, olive, naked and olive. But, they do run a tiny bit on the small side so keep that in mind when ordering.

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Where can I find Sockwa Dojo shoes?

This review was originally published in 2010. The Sockwa Dojo shoes are no longer available on their site. So, if you want this specific variety of Sockwa Shoes, you will need to look on second-hand sites. But, the X8 Minimal Shoes are a fantastic alternative. They are slightly dressier but will still work well for everyday wear both indoor and out.

If you want a minimalist shoe that will work for exercise, I would recommend that you try FitKicks minimalist shoe. It’s available in a variety of colors and is perfect for active lifestyle activities. If you are a barefoot runner, New Balance has a great choice for minimalist running shoes called the 10v1 Minimalus Trail Runner.

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Other yoga shoe options

Normally, I wear Sockwa Shoes as yoga shoes so I don’t need something with a thicker bottom. I am walking around in the house. And, I want the flexibility and balance that a minimalist shoe offers. If you are looking for a yoga shoe like the Sockwa Dojo shoes, try Barerun. It has a soft non-slip bottom and natural toe microfiber leather. Plus, they are foldable. So, you can toss them in your gym bag or your backpack. They even have children’s sizes if you have a child that takes yoga with you.

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